Suunto Vector HR Black Digital SS015301000 Watch

There's no uneasiness associated with placing Suunto as a leading sports precision instrument designer and manufacturer.

There’s no uneasiness associated with placing Suunto as a leading sports precision instrument designer and manufacturer. Diving, trekking or mountaineering; hiking or skiing, on water or grass turf – Suunto dazzles one with its intuitive designs, accuracies and dependability.

The Suunto precision digital instruments combine the aesthetics of timepieces with sport-specific functionality and computing. Athletes at all levels benefit from them. In the same way, mountaineers can analyze and improve their performance with the ORIGINAL MOUNTAIN WATCH and its HR (heart-rate) tracking.

Some call it the most legendary ABC watch. Its altimeter, barometer and compass are all results of implying high-end technology on high-end materials. Its durability can take on the harshest of environments. The Suunto, is therefore, mostly the choice of professionals. They consider it a tool for peak performance.

The Vector’s altimeter measures vertical speed. It can work at the same time when HR monitoring is on. This helps to estimate better the physiological impacts of altitude while climbing up. Displays real-time barometric pressure, temperature and weather-trend (in a graph); the last one recorded over the past 96 hours. Setting the reference altitude helps one to see also the present sea level pressure and understand barometric pressure trends at high altitudes.

The digital compass comes with cardinal (and half-cardinal points) and an arrow (north-south). It’s spot on accurate as long as one is with 9,000 m or 29,500 feet above the sea-level. The declination adjustment function allows correcting the difference between true-north and magnetic-north. This makes the direction readings more accurate.

The heart rate monitor is quite an interesting function. It gives an objective measure of exertion. Included are heart-rate zone alarms and the Comfort Belt-HR transmitter. The HR monitor gives one an objective measure of the extent one is exerting yourself in a climb. It helps to decide one's performance on long, steady hikes as much as for short, intense bursts in the gym. Avoid overtraining by comparing current data to resting HR data.

So, how does it fare with its primary function, timekeeping?
The Suunto Vector displays the current time in 12- or 24-hour format. There are a total of three daily alarms that one can set. It also got a self-adjusting/correcting calendar. The large, high contrast design produces a very easy-to-read, crisp display. A professional, sports-training tool with everything that one need thrown in. Making responsible decisions while on vertical grounds takes a lot of mix-matches. They create the difference between great adventures and unpleasant ordeals. The Suunto Vector HR helps one make the better ones.

Suunto’s comfort belt is soft textile equipped with unique traction strips. They hold the belt in place. One do not need to over-tighten it, thus minimizing the risks of abrasions and other friction-related issues.

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