Tipitap and Cozi Partner To Keep Kids Happy On Long Trips

Tipitap, the early education app specialist, joins Cozi, the family organizer experts, to create Kids Coloring+ - an artistic, coloring springboard app designed for kids.

Cozi is the #1 family technology company dedicated to simplifying everyday life, easing communication and connecting busy families.

Tipitap has been creating fun educational apps for young learners since the launch of the App Store.

With years of experience, successes and a deep understanding of their users, Cozi and Tipitap have the necessary tools and ability to create an app that will be a lifesaver for families.

Recognizing that traveling with young children can be challenging, Cozi and Tipitap help simplify and alleviate the boredom children face during delays while on long journeys.

Tipitap, the coloring experts,pinpointed the elements needed in a coloring app to keep kids engaged and amused for long durations.

The result is an app with four activities designed to encourage creativity: Coloring Book, Photo Decorator, Artistic Springboard and Sketch Pad. Kids can also import and draw over their own photos and decorate them with virtual stickers. Kids Coloring+ includes exclusive road trip and vacation-oriented themes: Going Places, Fantasy Vacations and Landmarks (additional themes include animals, modes of transportation, among others.)

"Working with Cozi has been incredible," says Rodrigo Benadon, Tipitap co-founder. "We're certain that Kids Coloring + is a solid proposition for Cozi's 8 million users. Tipitap is focused on making early education fun and effective. We understand the needs of young children, parents and teachers and are creating innovative bridges to touchscreen devices to revolutionize the learning process. We're always receptive to work alongside companies with similar visions."

Kids Coloring+ is available for download today in the iTunes App Store: