The 'Toy Of The Future' Character Line-Up Doubles

HappiTaps - the iPhone app and plush toy hybrid - releases 2 new adorable characters: Dreami Kitty and Lively Lion.

Launched over a year ago, HappiTaps are now at the forefront of the "app-cessory" market. HappiTaps are a new category-changing product that leverages toddlers' newly found fascination with digital devices and the classic comfort of plush, huggable toys.

Having an interactive, huggable, animated and lovable talking teacher, companion and friend is as simple as downloading the app and sliding your iPhone or iPod inside a HappiTaps plush toy case.

Realizing that toddlers will always want to play with their parents' touchscreen devices, HappiTaps delivers an educational experience that leverages the iPhone's cutting-edge technology engaging children like never before and also protecting iPhones and iPod Touches should they slip from tiny hands.

Dreami Kitty and Lively Lion are the newest HappiTaps characters. They may both be felines, but their personalities are very different.

Dreami Kitty is a free spirit: she's creative, loves art, painting and going to museums.

Lions can be intimidating, but Lively Lion is anything but. He loves sports and play, but won't hesitate to ask for a timeout for a hug.

Dreami Kitty and Lively Lion speak over 150 phrases, play games, tell stories and jokes, sing songs, share fun facts, teach the alphabet as well as colors and numbers. Dreami Kitty and Lively Lion get hungry and like toddlers, need naps. Children learn nurturing behaviors as they interact and feed their HappiTaps and help them go to sleep.

Tipitap, the co-creators of HappiTaps, explain the many elements that work together to create this "toy of the future." Their first priority is to ensure that each character has a multi-faceted, age-appropriate, child-centric identity and content. Tipitap works with a veteran writer from Sesame Street to develop the individual personality for each HappiTaps character as well as providing an educational experience. The second step is to design the visual image for each character. HappiTaps characters are created using 3D cutting-edge computer animation and real children are cast for the voice of each character. Lastly, Tipitap works to create an interface and menu that can be easily navigated by tiny hands.

Tipitap's co-founder, Rodrigo Benadon explains " We are very proud of the impact that HappiTaps is making in the industry. Our aim is not just to create cute characters, but to create an affordable multi-faceted hi-tech toy that will keep toddlers engaged as they develop. Tipitap is a pioneer in this field. When we launched we were one of the first companies in the industry exclusively devoted to developing apps solely for children. Tipitap will continue to push the limits on merging education, fun and technology for kids."

The Dreami Kitty and Lively Lion apps are FREE to download from the iTunes App Store. The plush covers can be purchased on the HappiTaps website.