It's A Girl! The HappiTaps Product Line Welcomes a New Family Member

HappiTaps - the award-winning "appcessory" that combines a plush toy with an iPhone app to create a lovable companion - has just released Puppi Love.

Puppi Love is an interactive, pocket-sized "BFF." She is a hybrid iPhone app/plush toy that instantly captivates young children with her energy, playful stories and educational games. Just slide an iPhone inside the soft plush smartphone cover and download the free app.

HappiTaps characters are smart, caring, adorable and funny. Puppi Love is no exception.
Like Beary Happi, Puppi Love's popular teddy bear counterpart, she speaks over 150 phrases, tells jokes, teaches kids about dogs, sings songs, and narrates entire stories. Kids can also feed Puppi Love, play with a rattle, enjoy a game of Peek-a-boo, practice their numbers and ABC's and even help her go to sleep.*

Winner of 2 categories at the 2012 Loved By Parents Awards, HappiTaps are at the forefront of the "appcessory" category. This success stems from being designed around three core concepts: companionship, education and nurturing opportunities for young children. In addition, HappiTaps have remarkable computer animated graphics and the characters are developed by a veteran writer from Sesame Street.

The result is a delightful modern Pup that interacts and plays with little kids, making playtime not only innovative but also incredibly educational, warm and affectionate.

Rodrigo Benadon, co-founder of Tipitap says, "Kids develop strong emotional bonds with their stuffed animals - a special relationship based on love, trust and familiarity. HappiTaps have all the cuteness of stuffed animals and all the interactivity an iPhone app."

Puppi Love can operate in 2 different modes, toddler or manual, to accommodate different ages.

Toddler Mode is an "autopilot" for the app designed for young toddlers (18+) who can't yet control the different modes available. It cycles through all the activities and games automatically. It allows kids to sit back in their strollers and be taken from one activity to the next. With Manual Play, kids can independently navigate through the different activities and games from the menu.

HappiTaps Product Highlights:

The iPhone plush cover blocks access to the home button, keeping kids safe within the app.
The neoprene-backed cover protects the parent's iPhone or iPod touch
Includes a hanging hook and a booster insert for a tighter fit for the iPod touch
Age appropriate educational games and activities

Rich stock of interactions and recordings (Puppi Love barks, sneezes, blinks, looks about, laughs, giggles, wiggles her nose, whistles and sniffs)
Pixar-style 3D computer animations make HappiTaps super realistic

Multiple nurturing behaviors and expressions (kids can feed Puppi, pet her and help her sleep)

Position aware. You can hold her upside down, swing her from side to side, place her face down on the table... Wait until you hear what she says to that! (The app uses the iPhone's accelerometer and gyroscope technologies)

Puppi Love is available online now at Amazon, Toys"R"Us and Target. She'll be sold on the shelves at Target and Walmart this fall.

The Puppi Love app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store.

HappiTaps is a co-creation from the children's expert minds at Tipitap and Infantino.

For more information visit

You can view a video of Puppi Love in action here.

* Some activities are available as in-app purchases.

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