Tiffanylee Studios Is Keeping Summertime Memories Alive With the Launch of Their Boardwalk Collection.

Tiffany LaGrange has released an entire collection of children's art and toys expected to generate buzz everywhere as children begin their summer break in search for activities to occupy endless hours of playtime.

​Herriman, UT.  May 1, 2016  Tiffanylee Studios is excited to introduce a line of designer children’s toys and art inspired by the memories of summer vacation that will have kids everywhere putting down the video games on May 2, 2016.

Just in time for summer break, Tiffanylee Studios is presenting kids far and wide with a new option of play.  Small, handheld, wooden toys, known as Peggies, are entering the scene.  Inspired by summer walks along the boardwalk, kids will spend hours reliving trips to the circus, visits to a fair, and walks along the beach with sweet treats in hand.  

Tiffany LaGrange believes that play should be filled with moments and experiences that are unforgettable.  Toys should be taken on adventures with a child as they explore and learn about their surroundings.  Imagination mixed with physical play can be an amazing thing.  

The Boardwalk Collection takes special moments from summer and brings them to your child.  It combines art with craft and play and creates a play experience that is truly unique.  Circus and Summer Breeze Peggies that are not only toys kids can’t keep their hands off of, but individual works of art as well.  Work with your kids to craft a circus tent and a ferris wheel just for their Peggies to play in.  And bring those moments to their room with beautiful fine art wall art in the trendiest colors.

The entire collection will transport your child back to those summer moments you remember so well.  You can almost smell the popcorn, taste the cotton candy, and feel the sand between your toes.  Designed in the bright, vivid colors and classic shapes, the are not only perfect for play, but will enhance any bedroom or party as a staple decoration.  But because kids like to take their toys with them, Tiffany has included a stamped, drawstring bag to carry them in.

Summer is filled with long hours and days that leave children wondering what to do.  Video games become an easy option. Tiffanylee Studios wants to take the place of those digital devices and give your child a new kind of adventure.  One that reminds them of the magical moments of summer.  Give your child the adventure they deserve.

About Tiffanylee Studios

Tiffanylee Studios is the result of years of study in art and play.  Growing up, Tiffany knew she wanted a career in art.  She went to art school and learned anything from animation to illustration to children’s books.  But it wasn’t until she had kids that ideas started to form.

She began a family shortly after graduating from college.  First one boy and then another.  She began to notice that her boys weren’t like other siblings.  They both dealt with special needs that made it very difficult for them to be near each other without clashing drastically.

With a feeling of stress and hopelessness, Tiffany knew she had to do something to help her kids socially and to get herself through the day.  So she started daily play activities.  Placed in a jar known as the “fun jar” they would pull a new activity each day for them to do together while Tiffany worked hard to teach them to get along.

Posting the activities on facebook created a lot of buzz and soon a friend asked her to join her in a blog.  The fun jar activities became a big hit on the blog but soon Tiffany wanted to find ways to connect her art to play. Peg Dolls were big in the blog world and Tiffany began working hard to create a unique peg doll with a special shape and could be both toy and art.

People went crazy for them.  She would make them as Valentines gifts for her boys’ classmates and they began to ask for them every year, wanting to know what new design she would make. She made them as Christmas gifts for her family, making sets she knew each child would love.  Wanted to share her toys outside of the immediate family, she began her shop.

Since then, Tiffany has worked hard to create Peggie sets that she knows children will love.  More than a “doll” or “action figure”, Peggies are made for both boys and girls.  She has added paper crafts and artwork that work along with the Peggie sets as well.  Her one goal is to create a new kind of adventure for children to turn to.  One that inspires the imagination and creativity of children everywhere.

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