Tiffanylee Studios Brings Out a Children's Gift Line for Every Moment of the Holidays

With her unique style of handmade toys, Tiffanylee Studios is expecting a full sell out of her upcoming line, "The Perfect Gift Collection."

The Perfect Gift Collection

Tiffany LaGrange, a leading designer of branded toys and children’s art, is pleased to announce her upcoming line, The Perfect Gift Collection, set to release Oct, 18th at Tiffanylee Studios.

The Perfect Gift Collection is preparing customers everywhere to give gifts that are so unique; they will stand out above all other gifts received this year.  From Thanksgiving to Christmas day, this new collection is stocked with toys meant to give joy to children every moment of the holidays.  Ten unique wooden Peggie sets are headed into the shop designed with the truly exceptional child in mind. A gift that will not only bring a smile to their face, but will be their most treasured gift this year.

This collection contains holiday themed Peggies perfect for decorating for your favorite celebrations, paint your own craft kits to keep children busy through cold winter days at home, classic sets that have sold out of the shop time and time again and custom sets perfect for a truly one of a kind gift that will be unforgettable.

Are you ready to give that perfect gift?

About Tiffanylee Studios

Tiffany LaGrange founded Tiffanylee Studios with the idea of combining play and art.  She envisioned toys that had an adorable as well as beautiful style that went past the typical plastic commercialized playthings.  Toys that can be used as decoration as well as tools of the imagination.  

With that in mind, she set out to design her own style of wooden peg dolls.  Handcrafting them with a combination of imagination and skill that gives them an undoubtedly unique look that stands out amongst all other wooden toys.

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Source: Tiffanylee Studios

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