ti.ttle - a Personal Golf Swing Analyzer, Shot Predictor, and E-Caddie That Can Improve Anyone's Golf Game Has Officially Launched on Kickstarter

The first golf wearable swing analyzer with its own display that eliminates the need for a smartphone to display swing results. ti.ttle is for those that want to improve their golf game that can be used at home, at the range, or on the field that's extremely compact and easy to use.

ti.ttle is a compact device that attaches directly to your club handle and uses a custom algorithm to adapt to individual club types to analyze and help golfers improve their game. As soon as a swing is taken, data is analyzed and provided in real-time on the device displaying projected carry distance, head speed, swing type, club patch, and face angle.

The algorithm utilizes the embedded MEM (microelectromechanical) sensor to analyze 9 different swing types including pull hook, pull, pull slice, draw, straight, tail away fade, push hook, push, and push slice.

When connected with the app via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the app also displays data for personal record keeping and swing correction.

The Bluetooth connection also allows access to course information for over 36,000 golf courses worldwide. Using any compatible smartphone’s GPS, current hole and distance to the pin is displayed right on the device as well, your personal e-caddie.

Whether at home or at the range or on the field, ti.ttle helps with practice and/or real swings by allowing users to input personalized shot data into the app. This data is analyzed and compared with each swing to help golfers know their swing types and will allow them to know kind of swing is right for a specific shot. Golfers can record and compare personal average carry distance for each club type and personal bests can be recorded and tracked as well for personal progress.

Tap the device after a swing to see the characteristics of the last swing or double-tap to see current course information right on the device or through the provided app.

The device also comes with a convenient call decline feature so golfers will not be bothered while concentrating. Missed calls and texts can be checked with a simple tap on the device as well.

ti.ttle comes from the word ‘tittle’, meaning the smallest part of a letter. The dot on an ‘i’ or a ‘j’. A small part, but one of great significance. This is what ti.ttle aims to provide through its golf wearables.

ti.ttle has officially launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise initial funding for their device. Check out their campaign here.

Find ti.ttle here at http://bit.ly/ulike_tittle 

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