This is Why "10 Years With Bebe" Has Become a Powerful Music Documentary and an Intimate Portrait of This Unique and Controversial Spanish Artist

Hernán Zin, Director of the Documentary Nominated for the Latin Grammy and Bebe's Former Significant Other, Summarizes 2 Years of Filming the Documentary in over Twelve Countries.

Bebe and Film Documentary Director Hernán Zin

"Bebe's story has fascinated me from the beginning," states Hernán Zin, director of the music documentary "10 años con Bebe" ["10 Years With Bebe"] and former romantic partner of the unique Spanish artist. The 80-minute long movie is an intimate and deep portrait of one of the most talented and unique artists in the Spanish and Latino culture of these times that addresses her moments of success as well as failure and public controversy.

Two years in the making in over twelve countries was not an easy task. It resulted in the music documentary that has recently been nominated for the Latin Grammy in the category of Best Long Form Music Video. This required not only patience but also intimacy, and Hernán was lucky to have Bebe's complete trust. "She let me film at any moment and has not asked for a single change in the final editing. In this sense, she has been loyal to herself again. Bebe is the way she is. Transparent, brave. A woman to be admired. And she has proven this once more in this documentary."

Hernán and Bebe were a couple for over 3 years, and therefore the documentary not only portrays the artist's career, but also their personal lives at home during that time. "A privileged access to an artist with exuberant and unique talent," states the director and screenwriter, a native of Argentina. For the singer, musician and actress, the film "keeps her feet on the ground." She has confessed to be "skeptic" about the documentary, because, "I didn't think my story was worth" to be filmed. The turning point in her life was maternity. "It puts you in a different place, with a different perspective, in a world of color and joy." Therefore, Candela, Bebe's daughter, is also a main character in this documentary.

Despite their separation, the director and the artist enjoy a great friendship, and their harmony as a couple has also been reflected in the creative arena. Hernán has also directed all 5 videoclips of Bebe's last album, besides writing the music for three songs on her last album and Bebe being the producer of one of documentaries, "Nacido en Gaza" [Born In Gaza], as well as having participated in the music of the short film "La guerra contra las mujeres" [The war against women].

"I've always known that I wanted to make a dynamic documentary, very different from the ones that are usually being produced in Spain, because I believe that Bebe's story goes way beyond her music and can captivate any spectator. I wanted the end result to be extremely attractive, without sacrificing the story; quite the opposite indeed: I wanted it to reach even farther," says Hernán, who has accumulated over 20 years of productions.

"I usually don't work along these lines. However, I think the result is human and inspiring, which is why I'm so proud of this documentary," concludes Hernán Zin. He and Bebe, also nominated for the Latin Grammy for her recent album "Cambio de Piel" [Change of skin], will attend the award ceremony at Las Vegas on November 17.

Source: Hernan Zin

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