ThingLogix Is Among the First APN IoT Competency Partners to Support SaaS Contracts on AWS Marketplace

ThingLogix, an Internet of Things Cloud Solutions company, has announced its support of SaaS Contracts for ThingLogix Foundry on AWS Marketplace. The company’s platform is now available on AWS Marketplace as a SaaS Contracts listing—enabling customers to design, develop and manage their IoT solutions from one centralized toolset. 

“This is an exciting development for ThingLogix,” says Carl Krupitzer, CEO of ThingLogix. “Foundry is a connected device management product that is designed entirely around AWS serverless computing resources—so with its availability as a SaaS Contracts listing, it will become accessible to a much wider audience.” 

ThingLogix Foundry is a Connected Product Management (CPM) platform built for the rapid design, development, deployment, and management of IoT solutions built on AWS. Foundry brings together all of the best practices necessary for a complete IoT solution, reducing development costs and increasing speed to market. ThingLogix is an early AWS IoT Competency Partner.

“ThingLogix Foundry enables AWS Marketplace customers to rapidly launch and manage applications that increase value of IoT data that is ingested into the AWS IoT service line,” said Barry Russell, General Manager AWS Marketplace Business Development at Amazon Web Services, Inc. “Our customers want application development solutions like Foundry, and this SaaS Contracts listing on AWS Marketplace enables them to benefit from flexible terms, simplified procurement and unified billing through their existing AWS account.”

With Foundry now available through SaaS Contracts on AWS Marketplace, benefits to customers include: 

  • Buyers will be able to purchase Foundry subscriptions to the platform with automatic renewal.
  • Customers get the peace of mind by subscribing to a SaaS platform that is deployed into their AWS instance through AWS’s Cloud Formation Templates. 
  • SaaS Subscriptions on AWS Marketplace enables ThingLogix customers to manage the procurement, subscriptions, and payments for Foundry in a single place through their existing AWS account. SaaS Contracts simplifies the process even further by enabling customers to prepay for applications they will be using for an extended period of time.

For more information on Foundry, please click here

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