ThingLogix Introduces Suite of SaaS Applications to Enable IoT Use Cases

Foundry Packages allow developers and product teams to rapidly bring sophisticated solutions to market and manage them efficiently.

​ThingLogix, Inc., a provider of cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and services, announced today the general availability of a suite of 8 SaaS applications designed to simplify the development, deployment, and management of market-facing IoT applications incorporating sophisticated and differentiated technologies. The company announced this change during the annual Amazon Web Services (AWS) conference, re:Invent 2017, where ThingLogix is showcasing its technologies in collaboration with AWS and its other business partners.

Foundry Packages are sets of composite IoT functionality packaged as SaaS applications to enable specific use cases. They provide specialized technical capabilities to define and power market-facing IoT solutions, enable IoT functionality for specific industry and functional use cases, facilitate business operations and application management, and enable integration with key enterprise systems (CRM, ERP) and third-party IoT services. Foundry Packages are designed to interoperate seamlessly with Foundry, a cloud-based solution development and management platform from ThingLogix that offers critical core functionality for managing the entire lifecycle of IoT solutions.

"The concept of Foundry Packages revolutionizes the IoT market landscape by creating a way to rapidly introduce game-changing functionality and differentiation to smart, connected solutions."

Carl Krupitzer, CEO, ThingLogix

Foundry is optimized for rapid time-to-market, ease-of-use, limitless scalability and extensibility, and reliable, secure, sustainable operations over time. With its platform-as-a-service (PaaS) architecture and its tight integration with AWS infrastructure and services, it is a 100% serverless, cloud-based solution. Organizations using Foundry experience the full benefits of the AWS cloud – infinite scalability, simple and modular extensibility, high availability, high performance, security, and cost efficiency – while also accessing a dynamic platform purpose-built for the unique requirements of creating and managing IoT solutions.

ThingLogix introduced beta versions of Foundry Packages earlier this year, and is now making the following 8 specific Foundry Packages available to customers on a general availability basis:

  • Foundry Package for Fluid Metering And Leak Detection

Allows a business to monitor flows of liquids in defined physical environments and take action in response to events.

  • Foundry Package for Image Analysis

Incorporates image recognition and analysis technology into market-facing solutions, enabling rapid and automated quantification of foot or vehicular traffic, detection of motion or changes in an object’s characteristics, classification of individuals or objects by pre-specified criteria, and identification of specific individuals and objects.

  • Foundry Package for Lambda Management

Functions as a management system for serverless code, optimizing a company’s management of its AWS Lambda resources to enable event-driven serverless computing. It allows teams to monitor and manage their logic layer in a more technically efficient manner and in a way that is more relevant to the business process that each function supports.

  • Foundry Package for Location-based Field Asset Requests

Functions as a pairing engine that powers smart, connected solutions by matching customer-specified demand conditions with supplier-specified availability conditions within a defined context, location, and time.

  • Foundry Package for Machine Learning

Functions as a tool for efficiently managing machine learning models utilizing Amazon Machine Learning. Elevates the analytics capabilities of market-facing IoT solutions by making data analyses more accurate, actions more timely and targeted, and solutions more capable of reliably driving autonomous activities.

  • Foundry Package for Mixed Reality

Functions as a tool for introducing business context for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences and applies this context to market-facing applications. Allows companies to deliver virtualized and artificially enhanced environments via market-facing solutions.

  • Foundry Package for

Allows a company to utilize its CRM data directly within the context of its event-driven, market-facing IoT solutions. It provides a simple way to normalize data contained in Salesforce and utilize it to trigger activity in a physical device environment.

  • Foundry Package for Voice Ordering

Allows a company to create a natural, conversational interface between its customers and the devices and apps that comprise its market-facing IoT solutions. It simplifies and accelerates the process of instrumenting smart, connected solutions with the ability to recognize voice commands and initiate associated actions in response. It is engineered to work with Foundry and Amazon Alexa – Amazon’s cloud-based voice service that enables hands-free voice control to connected products.

Foundry Packages are designed to facilitate specialization and differentiation of market-facing IoT solutions, while also accelerating time-to-market. These factors are the building blocks of competitive advantage from smart, connected solutions in any industry.

“The concept of Foundry Packages revolutionizes the IoT market landscape by creating a way to rapidly introduce game-changing functionality and differentiation to smart, connected solutions,” says Carl Krupitzer, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of ThingLogix. “Foundry Packages work seamlessly with our Foundry PaaS to optimize the serverless IT environment of AWS, tapping the powerful functionality that AWS offers, while making it easy to innovate, deploy, manage, and evolve market-facing solutions over time. I am excited by what we can make happen for our customers who architect their IoT solutions with Foundry Packages.”

The core philosophy underpinning Foundry Packages is the compartmentalization of specific types of functionality into modules that engineering and product management teams can easily and rapidly assemble. Teams can also combine two or more Foundry Packages to enable more complex and holistic solutions. This modularity simplifies and accelerates the development process, while also making ongoing operations more straightforward and easier to troubleshoot. By helping organizations mix and match technical functionality to create unique IoT solutions, Foundry Packages also increase business agility and provide a strong basis for competitive differentiation.

Foundry Packages also ensure tight integration with the back-end systems that exchange information with IoT solutions. This integration – with ERP, CRM, and legacy systems, as well as third-party IoT services – enables a rich feature set for the market-facing solution, while also improving operational efficiency, performance, reliability, and security.

“The ThingLogix team has worked very hard to bridge the concept of Foundry Packages into reality by architecting these as robust, stand-alone SaaS products,” says Rob Rastovich, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of ThingLogix. “The 8 Foundry Packages that are going GA today deliver technical capabilities that we believe will create meaningful business impact for our customers, and these are just the first of many more to come.”

The 8 Foundry Packages announced today represent the initial release along a product roadmap that will expand over the next 12 – 18 months. Pricing is on a subscription basis and varies based on the unique dynamics and commercial monetization potential of the use cases that each Foundry Package addresses.

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About ThingLogix

ThingLogix is a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, solution components, development services, and advisory services. We offer Foundry, a proprietary cloud platform architected on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Foundry Packages, a series of related component applications, to enable IoT solutions for multiple industries and use cases. Our technology enables sophisticated functionality, rapid time-to-market, simplified solution evolution over time, and extreme cost efficiency.

ThingLogix was founded in 2014, and was originally the services group of IoT platform provider 2lemetry. In 2015, AWS acquired 2lemetry, which became the basis for AWS IoT. ThingLogix has maintained a strong relationship with AWS, architecting Foundry to orchestrate all of the AWS services necessary for a complete IoT solution, and also certifying as an AWS Advanced Technology Partner.

We operate globally from our offices in San Francisco and Dubai. For more information, visit us at:

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