Leading Indian Systems Integrator NetEdge Becomes ThingLogix Reseller and Integration Partner

Strong Demand for ThingLogix IoT Product Foundry in India and the Middle East

​ThingLogix Inc., a leading Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technology Partner, announced today that NetEdge has become a Reseller of its industry-leading Internet-of-Things (IoT) product, Foundry, and a Systems Integration partner serving the rapidly growing India market.

“NetEdge has a history of serving their clients in India, the United Kingdom, and the United States since 1992, and we are pleased to see them bring scalable, high-quality, IoT solutions to their customers using our product Foundry, while also enhancing our offering with NetEdge’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) experience. The IoT market is rapidly growing in India, and NetEdge is well-positioned to rapidly deliver customer solutions that can scale cost-effectively on Foundry to the millions of devices,” said Eric Dirst, COO of ThingLogix.

The IoT market is rapidly growing in India, and NetEdge is well-positioned to rapidly deliver customer solutions that can scale cost-effectively on Foundry to the millions of devices.

Eric Dirst, COO, ThingLogix

“We strongly believe that to take advantage of possibilities offered by IoT, we need to marry it with AI/ML and Analytics in a new architecture framework. The ThingLogix Foundry platform offers that framework by integrating IoT, AI/ML and Analytics in a seamless way that takes advantage of the serverless infrastructure provided by AWS. We are excited to bring the power of ThingLogix Foundry to the Indian market where it can play an important role in building intelligent solutions for Smart Cities, Manufacturing and Supply Chain automation,” said Manoj Saxena, CEO and Founder of NetEdge.

ThingLogix Foundry Reseller, Device Manufacturer, and System Integrator Partner Program

The program recognizes resellers and systems integrators who understand how to deliver high-quality solutions for their customers, while leveraging AWS to manage the high volume of data coming from potentially thousands or millions of IoT-connected devices. ThingLogix partners with only high-quality system integrators, and high-quality device manufacturers, to ensure the solutions brought to market for enterprises are able to perform, scale, and ultimately integrate with back-office applications and mobile applications.

For more information on the ThingLogix Reseller and System Integrator, Device Manufacturer, and System Integrator Program, please contact Eric Dirst at eric@thinglogix.com.

ThingLogix Foundry

Foundry is a cloud-based solution development and management platform (PaaS) that offers critical core functionality for managing the entire lifecycle of IoT solutions. It is optimized for rapid time-to-market, ease-of-use, limitless scalability and extensibility, and reliable, secure, sustainable operations over time. With Foundry, engineering and product management teams can collaborate more effectively, specialize in innovation activities that drive real value, and increase the pace and volume of IoT innovation. More time spent on IoT innovation = more solutions, better solutions, and better business results.


NetEdge since its inception in 1992 has established itself as an innovative IT Consulting, Software and Product Development company. NetEdge’s philosophy is to establish a partnership relationship with our clients in which attaining the goals of our client results in mutual success. We work with our clients to architect and implement solutions to meet their business objectives and shorten the time to market. We have a proven track record of developing customized IT solutions and deploying professional staff that will complete the project on-time and within budget.

While serving our clients from Government, Banking and Financial Services, Media and Publishing, Retail etc., we have amassed domain expertise and gained invaluable insights about these industries. Our knowledge and experience puts us in a unique position to deliver timely and affordable domain-specific solutions and services based on the latest technologies and industry best practices.

NetEdge has its Global Innovation and Delivery Center located in NOIDA, India and its office in UK and USA to serve these markets. The current focus with NetEdge is on Cloud, Mobility, IoT, AI/ML and Analytics.

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