The View Group Revitalized After Conference

Leading associates from The View Group have attended a national industry conference. Participants enjoyed focused training and networking opportunities during the event.

“Our top performers are still buzzing about the wonderful time they had at the leadership conference,” said Joey, The View Group’s Director of Operations. “Functions like these are ideal for picking up the latest best practices and strengthening relationships with high achievers from all over the nation. I witness so much professional and personal growth spurred by industry events that I have no doubt the investments are worthwhile.”

Joey explained that The View Group’s team members return to the office more focused, energized, and creative whenever they attend a conference. It’s largely attributed to the multitude of presentations and workshops they attend, which cover practical and relevant topics such as customer service, market trends, effective communication, and more.

"Conference attendance is part of a significant training and development effort on the part of my colleagues and myself,"

Joey , Director of Operations

“Conference attendance is part of a significant training and development effort on the part of my colleagues and myself,” Joey stated. “We want our people to learn and grow for the benefit of our firm and the brands we serve – but also for themselves. That’s why we pair them with experienced professionals who act as coaches and oversee their progress. The support and guidance of these coaches ensure the success of all.”

The View Group’s Director of Operations Highlights Effective Networking Techniques

“I simply cannot discuss national conferences without also emphasizing the networking value they offer,” Joey continued. “Many of our new hires are reluctant to attend networking events when they first join our team. I understand their trepidation, so The View Group leaders and I help them develop strategies for building relationships with industry influencers. Networking is vital to the careers of my associates, and they eventually grow comfortable with it. In fact, they usually look forward to the opportunities!”

According to Joey, debunking the prevalent networking myths is an effective way for new team members to overcome their concerns. For instance, many individuals mistakenly believe business functions are to be spent trading contact information with as many people as possible. The company Director explains that the best networking is accomplished by reaching out to just a few people per event, and determining how to offer them value.

“I don’t want my associates to be perceived as people who are just looking for ways to gain, and I don’t want my firm to have such a reputation,” Joey concluded. “That’s why I emphasize the importance of helping others. When we help solve problems, we become known as admirable leaders in the sales and marketing field. It makes us memorable.”

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