The View Group Builds Culture of Growth

The View Group's Director of Operations highlighted the firm's growth culture and team-building efforts. He also suggested a few ways to create a more productive work atmosphere in 2016.

​The leaders at The View Group invest in the success of their promotional specialists. As Joey, the Director of Operations, commented, “We put our associates in position to thrive by laying out clear expectations and providing a range of developmental opportunities. Our team members know what they need to do to advance in our organization, and we equip them with the skills needed to reach their personal and professional ambitions.”

Joey and the rest of the executive team at The View Group also organize a variety of team-building activities to bring their skilled professionals closer and enable stronger collaboration. “I believe an atmosphere of teamwork allows for the best possible performance from our group of high achievers,” the Director added. “They are capable of doing great things on their own, but when they fuse their talents to create unique promotions, the sky is the limit.”

"I believe an atmosphere of teamwork allows for the best possible performance from our group of high achievers,"

Joey, Director of Operations

Among the many team-strengthening events enjoyed by The View Group’s associates are concerts, weekly team dinners, and office competitions. Joey noted, “These events are designed to give our people chances to learn more about each other. When we set up office contests, it gets our team’s competitive juices flowing, which always seems to lead to big wins for the brands we promote and for our firm.”

The View Group’s Director Shares Ideas for Creating a Stronger Work Environment

The Director believes public recognition is one of the best ways to cultivate a more productive workplace. He explained, “I like to take a few minutes during monthly meetings to single out team members who have performed at a high level. It’s also a good idea to praise individuals who have lived out your company values especially well. Doing so encourages everyone to up their games and pursue even higher goals.”

Joey also stresses the importance of eliciting feedback from team members. “It’s vital that you understand what your people are experiencing from day to day,” he remarked. “Surveys can do some good in this effort, but I think it’s important to dig a bit deeper and ask for specific ideas from across the entire organization. You need tangible feedback with actionable steps for improvement, and I don’t believe a boring and vague survey gives you the whole picture. If you seek out and really listen to your team members’ ideas, good things will emerge that help everyone work at a higher level.”

About The View Group

The View Group is a thriving provider of interactive sales promotions. The firm’s customized campaigns deliver rapid results and high ROI by using modern research tools to zero in on each company’s ideal customers. With a network of strategic partnerships and a unique marketing approach, the firm’s expansion into major new markets is increasing. As a result, the firm now represents a range of brands both large and small. Companies that join forces with The View Group can expect winning results every time.