'The University of Pleasure' Podcast Launches on Valentines Day

The University of Pleasure

Sex Therapist and Psychologist Dr. Tera Jansen, Psy.D., LP, CST, and West End producer/performer Jeremiah James join forces to create the podcast, “The University of Pleasure.” One part sex, one part comedy, one part education.

The mission: Where we use sexual conversation to help build a happier nation!

Struggles around sex and sexuality often come from common myths, misconceptions and inadequate sexual education. For many people, this can lead to stress, anxiety and unrealistic expectations about their sexual experiences and everyday sex life.

“The University of Pleasure” was created to provide accurate information and education about sex that is entertaining, accessible and useful to allow for thoughtful discussion about issues that impact an important part of our lives.

With her quick wit and straightforward nature, Dr. Tera Jansen shares her insight about the world of sex and sexuality with a sense of levity and tough love that is always mixed with a dash of humor. Dr. Jensen’s co-host, Jeremiah James, has no applicable qualifications in the field of sex and sexuality. He is just a guy who likes to talk about sex!

The podcast will feature special guest appearances by experts in the field, as well as authors, writers and entertainers with a shared thirst for sexual knowledge.

“The University of Pleasure” kicks off today, with new episodes dropping every Monday.

For more information: http://www.Universityofpleasure.com
https://www.facebook.com/ The-University-of- Pleasure-102776304577724/

Source: Outside the Box LLC