NJ Independent Pro-Wrestling Promoter Teams Up With West End/Off-Broadway Producer for Pro-Wrestling Rock Musical 'The Last Match'

"The Last Match", a fully immersive pro-wrestling rock musical, will launch as a concert presentation in the spring of 2022 with the hope of launching a national tour in 2023.

NJ independent pro-wrestling promoter Tommy Fierro (Independent Superstars of Professional Wrestling, 80s Wrestling Con., The Wrestling Collector Store) and West End/Off-Broadway producer and performer Jeremiah James (It Happened in Key West The Musical) have joined forces to bring a first of its kind musical to the masses.


With: Book and lyrics by Jason Huza (It Happened in Key West The Musical), book, lyrics and music by Sylvana Joyce and C.R. Smith (Sylvana Joyce & The Moment), Book and Original Concept by Jeremiah James.

"The Last Match" tells the story of wrestling legend and current world champion Ben Vengeance coming to the end of a Hall of Fame career. Vengeance has recently become plagued with mounting serious life-threatening injuries, so with the urging of his doctors and his pro-wrestling wife Gomorrah, is preparing for his last match on the biggest night of the year in "THE WORLD WAR 3." The plan is to "drop the belt to" and "get over" the newest rising star of the company Alexander Swagger, a third-generation Wrestler with a blatant disrespect of the sacred brother/sisterhood known as "The Business." But, as so often happens in the pro-wrestling world, things don't always go as planned.

Billed as a completely immersive pro-wrestling rock musical.

The show begins the moment the audience enters the arena. They will be transported back in time to pro-wrestling's golden years of the late 80s and early 90s where neon tassels and face paint rule supreme. Here they will become fully submerged in a fictional world complete with a fictional pro-wrestling promotion.

"The 90-minute show plays out like the classic wrestling pay-per-view but with a twist," explains James. "The twist being the audience seeing (through the magic of theatre) the 'real' behind the scenes drama and politics that pro-wrestling has, at times, been known for."

When asked what interested him in the project, Fierro explained, "It's never been done! A  fully immersive musical written by wrestling fans for wrestling fans! And if you have never been a fan of wrestling, our hope is that even an everyday theatre goer will leave the show with a new found respect and love for the world of pro-wrestling."

"The Last Match" will launch as a Concert Presentation in the Spring of 2022 with the hope of launching a national tour across the United States and Canada in the Spring of 2023.

Both Fierro and James will be kicking off their partnership by attending "ISPW Christmas Chaos" taking place this Friday, December 10 in Butler, NJ, at St. Anthony's Church Gym at 7:30.

You can purchase tickets now at: https://80swrestlingcon.com/ispw

Source: Jeremiah James