The Secret of Shifting During Peak Moving Season - Leading New York Movers Offer Expert Advice

Getting professional New York movers to help you shift during the peak season can be quite a challenge. However, an advance appointment can provide consumers with an awesome solution

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According to Bennett Movers, a leading team of eviction-based New York movers, the majority of Americans move between April and September – and finding a company during these months can be a particular challenge.

A variety of factors ensure that the demand for full service moving companies is at the highest during this period each year. According to their experts, the time between April and September is very favorable for moving as families benefit from summer holidays, extended daylight hours, and suitable weather conditions. People who haven’t arranged for a moving service end up hauling their belongings on their own accord.

However, Bennett Movers has devised a way to ensure that customers benefit from premium moving services during the season’s peak. By allowing them to make advanced appointments, many people who have planned their move ahead, will no longer have to worry about the peak season.

Why Hire Professional Movers?

The team at Bennett Movers believes hiring full-service professionals not only prevents personal injury and frees up homeowners’ time, but also gives customers access to additional services. Through end-to-end services, some movers will also provide packing materials and suppliers to secure all belongings, packing and transporting all belongings, and the safe disposal of packing materials.

Ideally, the best time to move in NYC is between October to March. But if peak moving season is the most viable, it would be best to move either at the start, early to mid-April, or right at the end of September – post-Labor Day. The Bennett team recommends those in need of a New York moving company, book an appointment at least two weeks in advance.

Interested readers looking to schedule a move can find more information about Bennett’s services here.

About The Company

Bennett Movers is one of New York’s finest eviction movers, boasting an outstanding track record of over 25 years. They are fully insured, licensed, and equipped to deal with all moving requirements, having successfully carried out over 9,000 moves.

Requiring no upfront deposits, their team can provide additional services and necessary eviction paperwork if applicable. Want to learn more about Bennett Movers? Get in touch with them here.

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