The Quiet Room Label is Working on the Development of the First Global Quiet Hotel Room App

Quiet hotelroom Reality application

​With the Quiet Hotel room app for Microsoft HoloLens you can experience different Soundproof products and the effect they have on sound reduction in hotel rooms.  The client will not only learn about the soundproof products but will experience the exact sound reduction on each product. (built-in speakers)

As an extra the hotel will gain insight on the effect of each product on the Quiet Hotel Room classification. The first self-contained, holographic computer, enabling you to engage with your digital content and interact with holograms in the hotel around you.

Real-estate developers, designers and architects will use this app to interact and experience different sound leaks in a unique way and learn about the solutions!

We expect to launch the Quiet Hotel Room Reality application in June 2017.

Noise complaints costing hotels millions!

The cause of this global problem, there are no guidelines for sound insulation in hotels!

The Quiet Room® label, the first and only worldwide objective standard for the level of noise insulation in hotel rooms. Hotels that already have quiet rooms, can have these rooms tested for the quality of their sound insulation. Based on the measurements, rooms will qualify for one of three silence categories. Hotels that don’t meet the criteria can have their rooms sound proofed using the Quiet Room® Design & Build Total Concept, a turnkey package containing all the necessary expertise and sound proofing measures and including certification for the QR label.

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