Quietroom Foundation Sets Up First Worldwide Certification of Soundproofing Products

Quietroom product Certification

The Quietroom foundation — creator of the Quietroom® label, the only objective standard for quiet hotel rooms — is setting up the first worldwide certification process for manufacturers of soundproofing products used in the hotel industry.

“Using certified products will help architects and developers meet objective standards for sound insulation,” says Lucas Keizer, president of the foundation, “and hotels can demand the use of certified products as a guarantee that their rooms will be properly insulated.”

A wide range of products from manufacturers around the globe are being examined, and so far 36 have received the Quietroom Product Certificate. The certificate is available in various categories such as Floors, Walls & Ceilings, Doors & Windows, Acoustics, Ventilation and Water & Discharge Pipes.

According to the Architect Institute: "Industry professionals have already called the certification an excellent initiative and an important step to achieve better quality control for soundproof products.”

The Quietroom foundation has also created the Design & Build Certificate which is aimed at (acoustic) consultants, designers and constructors involved with projects in the hotel industry. Certification of their building systems, construction processes, and services will make them more attractive to clients in the hotel industry.

The aim of the foundation is to create a worldwide database of certified products, systems, processes, and services, which will be freely accessible through the foundation's website, www.quiethotelroom.org. Certificates will be annually revised to ensure that they reflect the latest standards.

For more information about the Quietroom Product Certificate and Design & Build Certificate, please contact:

Keizersgracht 241
1016 EA Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Source: Foundation Quietroom


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