The PRAI Platform Transforms Public Relations With Artificial Intelligence

PRAI is the first PR platform to introduce affordable software for every company, powered by artificial intelligence to generate public relations campaigns. will inaugurate the uberization of the PR industry by democratizing access to writing and journalist resources previously available only through professional PR specialists. Everyone who needs effective and affordable PR services can benefit from this innovation. Entrepreneurs and creative talent, reporters, students, and even skilled experts will be able to publicize their achievements without incurring the expense of established agencies. Small or medium-sized businesses can avoid the costs of extensive employee training or establishing an in-house team and kick-start an in-house PR team in just hours.

The PRAI "agency-in-a-box" approach offers an easy-to-use interface for all PR functions, including interview management, document writing, pitch targeting, open rate and reply rate monitoring, and response processing.

With cutting-edge big data technology, the PRAI Platform works with a given paragraph of text to analyze large amounts of information from key source materials, including documents, interviews, and websites. Using a labeled and verified database of articles, blog posts, pitches, and press releases, AI quickly creates content in formats and styles specified by the user. An easy-to-use text editor is included to prove the original copy.

Pitches are targeted with an extensive journalist database to ensure respondent engagement and increase the open rate. NFTs certify content by demonstrating to recipients that pitches are unique and personally written for them, and not a standard template email sent to many recipients. The AI monitors reply rates, immediately analyzes responses, and corrects campaigns accordingly. The platform also has a repository for clients' PR materials, including written text and audio interviews. PRAI is scaled for cross-platform compatibility and is adaptive for computers and smartphones.

About PRAI is the first personalized AI-powered public relations toolbox developed for individuals, organizations, and SMEs that will democratize access to PR services. Artificial intelligence is employed instead of full-service agencies to produce every element of an effective PR campaign, reserving users' financial and human resources. The revolutionary platform is the result of four years of research and development with a team of AI researchers, designers, developers, content writers, marketing experts, and service support specialists. 

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