Haru Invest Talks Bitcoin Investment Strategies During Consensus 2022 Workshop

Haru Invest hosted a workshop on "Top Bitcoin Investment Strategies" at Consensus 2022, on June 9, in Austin, Texas. Consensus 2022, billed as the biggest and longest-running festival for decentralized technology, drew the whole crypto world: from investors, entrepreneurs, and developers to regulators, activists, and crypto-curious beginners. The conference was organized by CoinDesk, the most influential digital news platform, and was an in-person event, having been conducted as a virtual event due to COVID last year. More than 15,000 attendees explored all forms of the new technology, including NFTs, the metaverse, and Web 3, as well as centralized finance and DeFi. Wide-ranging socioeconomic impacts of crypto, Web 3, NFT and blockchain were debated by four hundred experts and thought leaders during the conference. 

The Haru Invest team and its CEO Hugo Lee conducted the workshop as part of the "Crypto Unlocked" series, intended to educate newcomers and remind experienced stakeholders about crypto and blockchain basics and introduce Web 3. Experts in these fields lead hands-on sessions open to anyone who wants to understand the fundamentals and enable blockchain and crypto to improve their lives. "Top Bitcoin Investment Strategies" explored simple methods for increasing long-term profits, such as Dollar Cost Averaging and algorithmic trading, and focused on maximizing crypto assets by securely combining strategies. Lee was available to advise participants with his expertise in digital finance.

Despite recent volatility in the market, Haru Invest remains confident that crypto doesn't have to lose the essence of decentralization: transparency and trust in technology. The CeFi company believes crypto and blockchain represent a paradigm shift in finance and information access with a potential for exponential growth. Most importantly, it prepares for a future when crypto coexists with fiat currency in centralized finance. Haru Invest, a service brand name of Block Crafters, provides one of the highest earn rates in the market on BTC, ETH and USDT deposits.  

About Haru Invest

Haru Invest is a successful CeFi digital asset investment platform. Haru Invest supports three crypto assets, Bitcoin, Ether, and Tether, with a tier of investment strategies - Haru Wallet, Haru Earn Plus, and Haru Earn Explore. The Haru Invest team has over four years' experience in diverse strategies of crypto fund management, based on a high-frequency algorithmic trading that takes advantage of market inefficiencies to generate stable profits. With users in over 140 countries, Haru Invest collaborates with top global digital asset partners that meet their strict selection criteria. They are committed to educating and guiding crypto owners at all levels to achieve stable and profitable digital asset investment goals with innovative crypto experiences.

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