Organika Vodka Partners With Brescome Barton

Organika Vodka announces another significant alliance with a leading North American distributor of spirits, wine, and beer, Brescome Barton, Inc. In over 70 years of business operations in Connecticut, Brescome Barton has grown to be the largest distributor in the state. By extending its sales and distribution throughout Connecticut, Organika Vodka aims to secure a leading position as the ultra-premium vodka in the United States.

The spirits market is predicted to grow 6% in 2022 and the Organika - Brescome Barton partnership understands its drivers: the trend toward premiumization and emergence of non-traditional and niche luxury categories with flavor as the primary purchase driver. Organika perfectly suits consumer tastes with quality spirits distilled from 100% organic wheat grain, infused with larch herb extract, sagan-daila and white truffle essence. "As we continue to focus on sales and distribution growth, we stay innovative by implementing a consumer-oriented marketing strategy," said Mike Seidov, U.S. Managing Partner at Organika Vodka.

"We value this partnership with Brescome Barton, not only as a substantial opportunity to grow our brand in the state of Connecticut, but for our shared mission of corporate social responsibility," adds Seidov. Organika is dedicated to wildlife conservation by supporting the World Wildlife Fund and contributing over 1% of annual proceeds to the preservation of rare endangered species. The company also follows a roadmap supporting sustainable practices, releasing its product in the first 100% recyclable carton bottle.

Gene Sepe, President of Brescome Barton, declared: "Brescome Barton is excited to have the opportunity to add Organika Vodka to our portfolio of world-class brands. The Organika Vodka brand not only represents quality but fills a strategic position in our vodka portfolio. We are proud to partner with Mike Seidov and his team to represent Organika in the Connecticut market."

About Brescome Barton

Brescome Barton, Inc. is the largest distributor of spirits, wine and beer in the state of Connecticut. For over 70 years, the company has grown significantly through acquisitions and new relationships to represent 370 suppliers and over 10,000 products. They trade with over 4,700 retailers and restaurateurs in the state of Connecticut. Brescome Barton, Inc. is the most efficient and effective distributor of adult beverages in Connecticut, continually meeting and exceeding the expectations of their suppliers and customers, while always being mindful of their social responsibilities.  

About Organika Vodka

Organika Vodka is an authentic Polish vodka that is distributed in 19 countries around the world. Organika Vodka supports sustainable practices and is dedicated to the conservation of rare and endangered species of animals. The company contributes over 1% of annual proceeds to partner conservation organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund and the Amur Tiger Center, among many others. As the brand continues to grow, it only hopes to expand its efforts in wildlife conservation as it fulfills one of the missions it took on from its very creation.

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