The Packaging Company Develops Forward-Thinking Suite of Online Custom Packaging Design Tools

The comprehensive toolset reduces potential consumer frustrations and wait times caused by the traditional industry-standard quoting, proofing and refining process

The Packaging Company Develops Forward-Thinking Suite of Online Custom Packaging Design Tools

​​North American award-winning online retailer of quality stock and custom packaging supplies, The Packaging Company, announces the completion of a suite of consumer-centric online custom packaging design tools in their Custom Shop.

Developed to take full advantage of the online digital immersion experience, the Custom Shop’s packaging designers are a start-to-finish solution that minimizes or removes many of the common frustrations associated with the generating of custom-branded packaging.

On-screen quotation instantly updates pricing as users alter sizing, quantity or any material-specific options, removing the long, drawn-out process of custom quotation. Users can always see what options are available to them and know what their costs are, with no hidden charges or design fees.

In each designer, users create their own branded packaging live and on-screen. The intuitive toolsets can include color alteration of backgrounds and other select elements, easy-to-use typography tools, custom artwork uploading and access to unique stock artwork and pattern galleries.

No previous design experience is ever needed, nor do users need to invest in prohibitively expensive design programs. Once a user finalizes their work and completes the online checkout, their packaging design is instantly generated and professionally validated before moving onto printing. The long back-and-forth process of assessing, revising and approving design proofs is another barrier removed from the user’s experience.

With such a significant shortening of the project timeline made possible by the online packaging designers, businesses can focus on making the best packaging choices for their needs.

Often the cornerstone of any branded packaging efforts, custom boxes help businesses stand out in the crowded retail and online shopping markets. Custom color boxes allow users to dictate box style, quantity and size (down to the quarter-inch) while choosing from 19 potential colors for the outside and inside surfaces. Custom-branded boxes allow users to choose from pre-set box styles, quantities and sizes and add their own logos, artwork and imagery. Both custom box offerings are fully integrated with the Right Mailers™ packaging evaluation system.

Building upon that packaging cornerstone is a simple matter of taking advantage of the other options in the Custom Shop. Custom tissue paper, packing tape, poly mailers and labels each bring a unique feel and benefit to a branded packaging strategy.

Businesses of all sizes can experience the ease of designing custom packaging and creating unforgettable unboxing experiences by visiting The Packaging Company’s Custom Shop.

Source: The Packaging Company