The Packaging Company Debuts Integrated E-Commerce Packaging Evaluation System

The newly developed technology involves functionality that helps increase the probability of first delivery for e-commerce shipments.

The Packaging Company Debuts Integrated E-Commerce Packaging Evaluation System

The Packaging Company, North America’s award-winning online provider of stock and custom packaging, is announcing the debut and integration of a new e-commerce packaging evaluation system called Right Mailers™.

With UX simplification in mind, the Right Mailers system was developed to assist businesses throughout the e-commerce supply chain select the appropriate-sized packaging shipper for increased probability of positive first delivery at its final destination.

Utilizing patent-pending integrated 3D spatial correlation algorithms paired with visual identification cue attributes, e-commerce sellers can now discern what shipping containers will best serve their intended purposes. The versatility of this system means it can be used on a case-by-case basis or during the planning of long-term packaging use.

By utilizing the Right Mailers system correctly, businesses can maximize their efforts to attain first delivery while minimizing risk and inconvenience as much as possible. Negative experiences can include customers making unnecessary trips to post offices and pickup facilities or the possibility of packages being left on doorsteps and other unsecured areas, increasing package vulnerability to porch pirates and other elements.

Additional sustainability benefits of a Right Mailers First Delivery success include reduction of the carbon footprint in shipping logistics streamlining.

During its initial rollout, Right Mailers will focus on evaluating packaging for use within the 8750 Canada Post series of freestanding parcel boxes across Canada. Soon after, it will expand to cover other popular mail receptacle systems within North America such as USPS Cluster Boxes and Amazon Hub Lockers. Autonomous delivery receptacles will also be adaptable to the Right Mailers system.

By integrating the Right Mailers system into their existing e-commerce platform, The Packaging Company demonstrates its commitment to providing consumers the information they need to create successful packaging strategies. Right Mailers is also being integrated into their custom box online design editor as a functional asset in appropriate package size development.

About The Packaging Company™

The Packaging Company is an award-winning, North American-based online packaging solutions provider. In addition to offering high-quality stock packaging and shipping supplies, they work to ensure that custom packaging and exciting unboxing experiences aren’t solely reserved for large retailers with greater resources. Keeping the needs of both small and online businesses in mind, their packaging solutions can scale and grow as your business does. With an intuitive online storefront, eco-friendly products and insightful customer service, The Packaging Company truly is your e-commerce partner. Learn more, and start your own custom packaging journey, at

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