The Need for Reverse Osmosis - Industrial Reverse Osmosis and Commercial Reverse Osmosis is Rising: AMPAC USA Strives to Meet that Need

The water treatment market has grown considerably in the last few years. It has triggered the demand for industrial reverse osmosis and commercial reverse osmosis. The demand for residential reverse osmosis is also on the rise as more and more households realize that they can't trust their neighborhood water supply.

Reverse Osmosis Manufacturer USA

The constantly increasing scarcity of freshwater sources has also increased the demand for seawater desalination. Similarly, the need to get pure water anywhere at any time, even in areas without power supply has led to the demand for mobile and solar water purification systems that are easy to transport from one place to the next, especially in underdeveloped nations. Some of the most suitable water treatment technologies that are gaining popularity among consumers are listed below. AMPAC USA is the provider of all the latest water treatment solutions and strives to be the best in the water purification industry. 

Commercial Reverse Osmosis

Commercial water purification systems are popular in commercial establishments like coffee shops, restaurants, wineries, breweries, etc. The broader applications of these systems include humidifiers, boilers, seafood processing, metal preparation, dairy products, and washing for aerospace, automotive industries as well as dialysis systems. 

Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Commercial Water Filters range from 100 gallons per day to 12,000 gallons per day in a single module. The range can be as high as 250,000 gallons per day.

Industrial Reverse Osmosis

Leading industrial units and global organizations need a steady source of water that provides pure water to meet the full range of requirements. 

Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Industrial reverse osmosis systems range from 30 to 500,000 gallons per day. 

Seawater Desalination

There are two main categories in which seawater desalination systems are divided, onshore and offshore. The onshore systems are designed for land use, i.e., when water needs to be purified on land near the sea. 

The second category is offshore seawater desalination systems that convert seawater from the sea or any other water body directly into drinkable water.

Residential Reverse Osmosis

Made specifically to cater to the needs of residences, these systems use advanced reverse osmosis that is a proven technology for eliminating 99% of contaminants from water. 

Residential Reverse Osmosis Systems

The whole house residential reverse osmosis systems can produce 200 gallons per day to 2,200 gallons per day. 

Mobile & Solar Water Treatment

Meant to cater to the need for pure water in emergency situations, these mobile and solar water treatment systems provide critical support to missions that are transient or portable in nature. Such systems can be relocated on their own mobile platforms like enclosed truck trailers for vehicular towing.

Mobile & Solar Water Treatment Solutions

The capacity of solutions in this category range from 150 gallons per day to 80,000 gallons per day. 

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