AMPAC CEO Shares Views on the Need for a Cannabis Watermaker

The CEO of AMPAC USA, Sammy Farag, recently shared his views on the need for a Cannabis Watermaker. As the production of cannabis is growing due to a rise in medical or recreational demands, manufacturers need to be wise about how they tackle the waste. A Cannabis Watermaker that uses the latest water purification technology, like forward osmosis, could be a good choice, as it will reuse the water and eliminate the waste smartly. AMPAC USA is delivering its watermakers at the best prices.

AMPAC CEO Shares Views on the Need for a Cannabis Watermaker

Cannabis production is rising across the globe as the demand is high. The CEO of AMPAC USA, Sammy Farag, recently talked about a Cannabis Watermaker and its need in the Cannabis industry. For people who are unaware, cannabis consumption (annual prevalence) is among 2.5% of the world population, which comes around to about 147 million people. 

The uses of cannabis primarily are for two purposes, medical and recreational. When it comes to medicinal purposes, this drug can be helpful in pain management for people who suffer due to migraine, arthritis, endometriosis, and fibromyalgia, among others. In drug form, cannabis can also help in reducing inflammation for people who have rheumatoid arthritis, IBS, Crohn's disease, etc. Sometimes, cannabis can also help with sleep disorders such as insomnia. 

The CEO of AMPAC USA mentioned that as the production of cannabis is rising, so is the need for a Cannabis Watermaker. "Cannabis growth is rising at a rapid pace across the US, European nations, and even Australia. Hence, the need for a Cannabis Watermaker is also rising because the waste generated by these facilities cannot be disposed of in air or water." 

Recently, the municipalities have taken strong actions against cannabis producers who were not careful about waste management.

Suggesting how the Cannabis Watermaker from AMPAC USA can help, the CEO said, "Filtering the reclaimed water from the run-off is a simple solution. Most manufacturers and producers of cannabis need to admit that. We provide top of the line Cannabis Watermaker that will treat water for the presence of cannabis. I recommend the people in the cannabis industry to consider our Forward Osmosis 500 GPD that has proved its worth in the industry and has become a favorite among other water purification systems we design for the industry." 

AMPAC USA is among the few companies that offer water treatment systems with not only technologies like reverse osmosis but other advanced technologies like seawater desalination or forward osmosis.  

The water purification systems' providing company is taking maximum precautions when delivering the products during COVID-19 times. All the deliveries are done with minimal human contact, and the employees of the company are well shielded and highly protected. The delivery of Cannabis Watermaker can be done all over the world, even the remotest areas to ensure that every cannabis grower, no matter how big or small, can manage wastage of water effectively. 



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