The Membership of Congratulates Brian Ippensen

Brian Ippensen appointed to lead of the Interdisciplinary Advisory Committee on Fiduciary Issues at the ESOP Association logo

In May of 2018, Brian Ippensen began his leadership of the Interdisciplinary Advisory Committee on Fiduciary Issues at the ESOP Association.

The family of ESOP advisors, lawyers, accountants, and consultants are grateful for Brian’s leadership in the ESOP community over the years and are pleased to congratulate him on this important appointment.

We are pleased to congratulate Brian Ippensen on his new appointment.

Jack Veale, Founder -

Brian Ippensen, CPA CMA has served as president of First Bankers Trust Services since his appointment to that position in 2006. Brian holds a BS Agricultural Economics from the University of Illinois – Champaign. Over his career, he has accumulated experience in a wide range of specialties including public accounting, bank audits, retirement plan audits, cost accounting in the industries of bean crushing manufacturing and edible oil refining, export sales accounting, and the operation of retail banks.

The Interdisciplinary Advisory Committee on Fiduciary Issues has historically been led by individuals that have demonstrated dedication, service, and leadership within the ESOP Association as well as the broader ESOP community. Brian's appointment follows this tradition of excellence in leadership. The committee consists of seventeen members and is one of the six standing committees of the ESOP Association. Brian’s leadership appointment is for a two-year term.

We are happy that through this appointment the ESOP Association has acknowledged Brian Ippensen’s long service to ESOPs and his leadership credentials, and we are pleased to congratulate him on his appointment.

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