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The membership of wishes to congratulate ESOP professional Roland Attenborough on the release of his essay published in a new book, The Future of Building Wealth, entitled "Deriving Income from Universal Capital Accounts: Fixing Our Broken Income Distribution System."

Jack Veale, founder of, recently expressed the congratulations of all the participants when he said, "I'm glad to see Mr. Attenborough writing these significant white papers to help the industry. His valuable insights are based on decades of experience working with both the legislative and judicial branches of government. His white paper is well worth the thoughtful reader's attention."

Attenborough explains that, although the United States economy is capable of producing all the goods and services that its population requires, a shocking 11.8% of Americans live below the poverty line (2018 statistic). He notes that, as the burden of production continues to shift toward capital instead of labor, the mere creation of more jobs will not solve economic inequality.

Attenborough proposes a Universal Capital Account system. In the proposed system, everyone holding a Social Security number would be granted an account in a national investment fund. The interest earned would pay for the initial cost of the stock but would also provide income for the stockholder. The UC plan would be mandatory for all American citizens. In addition, a program of basic education would be implemented, so that stockholders understood the potential of capital to produce income. No matter what the economic situation, this plan would provide the opportunity for a reliable income source.

In contrast to other measures under consideration to solve poverty, such as Universal Basic Income, Roland Attenborough points out that a UC plan would foster economic independence for its participants. He writes, "Under UBI or any system where the government determines who gets what and how much, individuals, by definition, cannot be politically free. It is only where all people, individually, own the source of their income can they be politically free." 

Mr. Attenborough is an attorney and CPA whose legal career began when he started working with Louis O. Kelso. He developed the legal structure of ESOPS, which remains the basis of IRS regulations governing ESOPs. Thanks to his extensive legal background, Attenborough has drafted legislation for Congress and the California legislature. After many years of working with ESOPs, he has retired and devotes his time to advocacy for economic issues.

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