ESOP Advisor Hall of Fame Congratulates Three New Inductees

2022 Inductees - Robert Smiley, Jack Curtis, and Wendy Lankes - have now joined the ranks of other prominent ESOP advisor honorees already in the ESOP Advisor Hall of Fame.

The ESOP Advisor Hall of Fame exists to help preserve the history of the ESOP advisor community through the induction of those individuals who have played a significant role in the community throughout the years.

The 2022 inductees to the ESOP Advisor Hall of Fame are:

It is the privilege of the ESOP Hall of Fame and the family of ESOP advisors at the to congratulate each of these trailblazers on their induction into the ESOP Advisor Hall of Fame.

Each of these individuals has shared their passion for ESOPs and their wealth of knowledge with their clients and the broader world of ESOPs. Interviews with and about these inductees can be found on the ESOP Advisor Hall of Fame website.

  • Read what Wendy Lankes said when asked, "If ESOPs hadn't come about, how much worse off we would be depending on redistribution?" Her answer will surprise you.
  • Read about the work that Jack Curtis did with Senator Long in the early years of ESOP legislation.
  • Read about Robert Smiley's unique and successful approach to his work in starting Benefit Capital Inc.

Jack Veale, the founder of the ESOP Advisor Hall of Fame, said, "We're excited to induct these three fine professionals into the ESOP Advisor Hall of Fame. We're honored to be able to recognize their contribution to the ESOP community throughout the years, and we're grateful for their positive impact on our industry."

What is the ESOP Advisor Hall of Fame?

The ESOP Advisor Hall of Fame is an effort by the membership of to establish a comprehensive timeline of ESOP history that acknowledges and celebrates the contributions of those individuals that have played a key role in the development of the understanding and practice of ESOPs.  

The ESOP Advisor Hall of Fame timeline highlights key events such as the publication of seminal texts that developed the idea of employee ownership, important legislation that established rules for employee ownership plans, and ways in which the ESOP community organized and formed bodies to promote ESOPs and disseminate information about the plans. 

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Source: ESOP Advisor Hall of Fame