The Lgbt Sentinel's Controversial Front Cover

The LGBT sentinel newspaper has released its special edition and the acting editor and chief responds to questions about the could be controversial front cover.

The LGBT Sentinel Newspaper

The "LGBT Sentinel" and its editor and chief  were asked to respond to a question regarding to the could be controversial front page and cover story of the the special edition issue of the newspaper.

 "We welcome any questions or comments that the readers have. This  helps the newspaper be better.  In response to what I believe is about our cover page of this recent issue were a word can be construed as "F**k". I'll say this, everywhere I drive in Los Angeles and other major cities, some that we even have our publications in like Dallas, New York, Atlanta, las Vegas. I see billboards and signs refer to just that, sex, "f**king". I think we are above that. I think that's something that naturally happens in the bedroom. I don't believe that it should be called or associated with the vulgarity of "F.*.*.K.".  Which by the way was not written on the front cover. If you construed that and that's the first thing you saw in the blank that was left. Then maybe your already "Mindf**ked". It could have been "Funk" , it could have been "Fuss" or all types of other words. But If that's all it means is "F**" to you, then that's a shame. It's a problem of yours, not of mine and not of the newspaper.  

"We are going to report news that are happening but we are also going to speak on issues that are outside the norm."

Griffin Gram, Editor-in-Chief, LGBT Sentinel

If the word is any problem at all for anyone then why don't we just take out the word and not use it. Why don't we eliminate "f**k" or "but" or other words that has no real meaning. Why don't we try over stand instead of understand . Why don't we try something new instead of picking on a harmless word. Although, hopefully it gained some attention either way you construed it. I'm just glad because it means your construing something and that's the job of the paper and that's the job we look to do always here at the "LGBT Sentinel".  Furthermore and in closing I'll say this; aren't we tired of looking at the same old stories about politics, same stories of a hurt or a tragedy? If you looking for the same thing then that's not us. We are going to report news that are happening but we are are also going to speak on issues that are outside the norm. The "LGBT Sentinel" is not your ordinary newspaper as you can see and we are very proud of that."

Source: LGBT Sentinel