The First NGO Brand Was Launched - NYSCPS Opens a Brand-New Linkage Model for NGOs and Enterprises

The oral care brand, NYSCPS, was initiated and launched by the New York Scarce Culture Preserving Society (NYSCPS), a non-governmental organization (NGO). This is the first commercial brand built by the NYSCPS and also the first commercial brand initiated by NGOs across the world. In the industry, this is commented as the opening of a new linkage model for NGOs and enterprises.


Recently, NYSCPS declared to launch a brand, “NYSCPS,” together with an Asian technology company – Shenzhen Oralshark. This news drew extensive attention from public benefit organizations, commercial circles and international media immediately.

Changning Xiaoxi, the spokesman of NYSCPS, expressed: "The decision to establish the brand NYSCPS had gone through careful considerations and discussions for many times, and it was different from the implementation of a public benefit project; this time, we hope to exert business forces to help us spread scarce culture protection ideas and drive more actions towards scare cultures protection. Of course, it was also one of the prerequisites in our considerations that the NYSCPS brand could provide economic support for the New York Scarce Culture Preserving Society.”

For one thing, to enterprises, this has solved the problem about enterprise information asymmetry; all the commitments and practices would be made orderly by cooperation with professional NGO, so related information and trends can be disclosed in a timely manner and all behaviors would be transparent; as a result, any questions regarding the process from commitments to practices will be eliminated. For another, this would take advantage of the professional experience and resource support of NGO organizations, which will guide the more effective measures within the standards and frames of the industry. Meanwhile, successful solutions and products of NGOs will merge into the mainstream market through enterprise channels, which will finally expand its influence.

In a perceptual age, it is easy to promote the birth of super brands. In the past, what consumers pursued was cost performance; in modern times, consumers focus on emotional appreciation of a thing or a commodity. They are paying increasingly more attention to enterprises and products that go with a good social vision and mission. Facing this innovative change in the society, NYSCPS takes it as a good condition for enterprise and brand development and innovation. It has become an obligation of enterprises to plan a social vision and to perform corporate social responsibilities. These practices of enterprises allow consumers to feel the same, pay attention to, or even join them; this has endowed the brand with a brand-new meaning and brand image.

Whether a brand could succeed depends on how the enterprise extracts and endows brand meaning, and continuously maintains and operates its brand image to allow consumers to know its brand value. According to domestic and foreign surveys, consumers not only have high cognitive consciousness but also have a high willingness for premiums. It has become common sense for enterprises that social responsibility can be a competitive power, but how to use this competitive power to realize market success also becomes a topic that all of society should discuss.

The joint brand of NYSCPS originated from NGO and enterprise expands the extension of products, endows products with culture and social responsibility values, and allows products to have social meanings and caters consumers in the value selection demands. Undoubtedly, the brand seeks for a brand-new road of brand differentiation by the performance of social responsibility and opens a brand-new linkage model for NGOs and enterprises.

About NYSCPS: As a non-governmental organization, its mission is to “reserve one more cultural gene” by investigating, doing research on and the spreading of scarce cultures in the world and thus working with varied non-governmental organizations and governmental agencies for targeted development and protections.

Source: NYSCPS


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