Nobaton Toothpaste: China's Youth Camp Out and Line Up to Buy China's Newest Luxury Oral Care Product

On December 22, 2018, Nobaton Toothpaste debuted in Guangzhou, Mainland China. Over a thousand young Chinese consumers lined up to purchase Nobaton toothpaste of limited edition. The toothpaste was so popular that several customers even quarreled and fought due to high demand.

Nobaton China debut

On December 22, days before Christmas (Christmas is well-received by China's youth), Nobaton Toothpaste made its debut in Guangzhou, Mainland China. This activity attracted more than 1,000 young consumers, with people coming as early as 5:00 a.m. to line up outside the store.

Several Customers fought due to the queue dispute

A total of 1,000 boxes of Nobaton toothpaste were distributed. Since most of the customers in the forefront of the queue bought more than two boxes, some were worried that they could not get the limited edition and cut the line. This triggered a series of small conflicts between the patient customers waiting in line, and those who tried to cut ahead.

Compared to skincare and makeup products, toothpaste is not typically considered desirable and luxurious. It is difficult to imagine the uproar and excitement that would come from Nobaton's Toothpaste debut. Nobaton Toothpaste is obviously a unique and distinguished brand among numerous oral care products.

Why is Nobaton Toothpaste so popular?

Firstly, it is attributed to the success of branding and community marketing. Nobaton is an oral care brand launched in China by the U.S. farmer Kio together with "Fall of Ivory" Protection Plan. Since it abandons the chemicals commonly used in the traditional toothpaste and adopts natural plant ingredients and amino acids, Nobaton is called as "toothpaste created by God." The photos posted by lots of stars and celebrities spread well, giving full play to the market appeal of various KOLs.

The popularity of Nobaton Toothpaste may be another kind of "lipstick effect." Premium quality, good look, KOL market strategy, and fashion label affiliates create a parallel to the lipstick effect, where consumers buy luxury toothpaste rather than luxury makeup.

Nobaton Toothpaste is aesthetically pleasing and matches well with the prevailing eyeball economy, cyber celebrity economy, and the fan economy. As a whole, its branding and IP perfectly satisfy the daily fashion needs of China's youth. When asked, fans of Nobaton Toothpaste could not identify a single reason as to what makes the product so appealing.

About Nobaton

Nobaton brand is fully known as Nobaton Farm, which is an oral care brand launched in China by the U.S. farmer Kio together with "Fall of Ivory" Protection Plan (an animal protection organization). Currently, Nobaton Edible Toothpaste series has been marketed globally, which is 100% made of food-grade materials and amino acids but free of calcium carbonate, silica and chemical sweetener-- which is found in traditional toothpaste -- earning it a name of "toothpaste created by God."

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