Ken's Blue Kitchen Launches the First Food-Grade Detergent Jointly Developed by Michelin-Starred Chefs and Microbiologists

Ken's Blue Kitchen (an emerging home detergent brand) became popular among young people with its food-grade cleaning products and trendy food-style packing design.

Ken's Blue Kitchen

Ken's Blue Kitchen launches the first food-grade detergent jointly developed by Michelin-starred chefs and microbiologists. An R&D team consisting of senior chefs and microbiologists have combined the best of molecular cooking techniques and microbiology together, making “made in the kitchen” a reality. More than 80% of the ingredients used in the detergent are food-based, and they are 100% available to be used for the making of skincare products. This is the perfect answer to people’s pursuit of healthy, natural and safe cleaning products. “A laundry detergent as good as skincare product”, “a laundry detergent that helps with your sleep”, “an edible amino acid dishwasher detergent,” all these unique and newfangled imaginations have been realized and packed in the same way juice and ice cream are packed so that they look even healthier, more good-looking and trendy. Every new product would stir up a fashion fever in the time right after the concept of home cleaning products emerged. However, it never happened again for nearly a century. All brands want to be the exception, as does Ken's blue kitchen.

“Most people have no idea about what the concept of a good home cleaning product in the mind of consumers is. But they’d be like, oh that’s the one I want when they have one of Ken’s Blue Kitchen products.”



Ken’s Blue Kitchen has functionally categorized cleaning products in a more detailed way. There are four kinds of laundry and care products for different types of fabrics and three kinds of clothing care agents with different smells. Consumers shall select what they want based on what they need. When selecting products like food and home cleaning products, consumers shall be more careful because it’s a matter of health for their families. Most housewives, however, seem to focus more on the functions and safety of skin care products and little do they act the same way when selecting home cleaning and care products. 

Consumers yearn for the scenes when they watch how some of the online celebs do their home cleaning. Those less known life scenes are now shown in social media, and that was the reason why Ken’s Blue Kitchen quickly became an internet meme via social media. Now some people are washing clothes just because they want to use laundry detergent, or cook food, just because they want to use a dishwasher. The joke is now a meme thanks to Ken’s Blue Kitchen.

The products of Ken’s Blue Kitchen were turned from not-that-important consumables to social currency and topics among consumers because of some online celebs have used them on social media. The videos showing a Michelin-starred chef using food to make detergent, teaching consumers how to use detergent correctly, and microbiologists doing experiments, which are a part of the advertising efforts of Ken’s Blue Kitchen, make the products more appealing to consumers and act as powerful stimulating factors that encourage them to purchase.

Are the food-grade cleaning products of Ken’s Blue Kitchen too ahead of times? The cleaning ingredients, which are of pure natural sources, are extremely costly. As a result, the pricing of all products of Ken’s Blue Kitchen is much higher than that of similar cleaning products (a 10-ounce bottle sells at 5.5 dollars). Another question is that the ingredients and formulas used by Ken’s Blue Kitchen are unbelievably different from those of mainstream home cleaning products. The higher the content of sulfonate is, which is a petroleum product, the higher the content of the effective substance (surfactant) will be, according to the industry criteria of cleaning products, which means better quality. But the content of sulfonate is practically zero among surfactants extracted from natural plants, which means the products of Ken’s Blue Kitchen are not technically the products that have the best cleaning performance, according to the criteria.

Here’s a surprising fact: The surfactants extracted from natural plants in high-end facial cleansers, shower gels and shampoos have been widely accepted and even trumpeted by the manufacturers. But laundry detergent, which may have contact with your skin for the longest time, and dishwasher detergent, which might be accidentally consumed by humans, are assessed with the lowest criteria in the line of business. It is just not right for sure.

The core consumer groups of Ken’s Blue Kitchen are those intellectuals who have higher scientific literacy because they are more reasonable when identifying things, and more willing to dig their hands in pockets for healthier home cleaning products. Ken’s Blue Kitchen believes that they can win the future by winning the recognition of those young, well-informed as well as newbie moms with their ahead-of-time ideas.

About Ken’s Blue Kitchen

As the first home detergent brand that is dedicated in hand anti-aging treatment, Ken’s Blue Kitchen was jointly launched by Nation’s Homemakers Association and Guangzhou Dome Cosmetic Co. LTD in China. All products are jointly developed by Michelin-starred chefs and multiple microbiologists in Asia-Pacific. The products include laundry detergent, clothing softener, dishwasher detergent, hand sanitizer, and hand cream.

Source: Ken's Blue Kitchen


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