Ken's Blue Kitchen Stages a New Revolution in the Detergent Industry

Ken's Blue Kitchen has launched a new disruptive product - dry-cleaning detergent.

Ken's Blue Kitchen

​​​Adopting a unique water-saving dry cleaning technique, the new product launched by Ken's Blue Kitchen consists of a gentle amino acid surfactant and 100% edible natural ingredients packaged with environmentally-friendly spray cans, which is a pioneering move in the detergent industry. Benefiting from an edible natural cleaning feature and trendy packaging design, Ken's Blue Kitchen has rapidly become very popular among young consumers as a highly-anticipated emerging home care product. One year later, Ken's Blue Kitchen launched this disruptive dry-cleaning detergent and once again became a star brand.

This detergent boasts a dry-cleaning feature. Originally, Ken's Blue Kitchen wanted to develop a detergent that saves water as much as possible but eventually, it proposed a dry-cleaning solution. Just by spraying the nozzle gently, dense cleaning mousse will automatically come out, and micron-scale cleaning foams will go deeper into a narrower gap to remove the dirt; without brushing, the cleaning work can be finished in one flushing. With water conservation as the original intention, its excellent convenience attracts a great number of fans. As for its water-saving capacity, according to the estimations of Ken's Blue Kitchen, if 10 million U.S. households utilize the dry-cleaning detergent, the freshwater saved will relieve millions of Africans from the threats brought by an acute shortage of water.

Ken's Blue Kitchen developed an edible detergent with the help of Michelin-starred chefs

Driven by the goal of “manufacturing a fully edible detergent”, Ken's Blue Kitchen worked together with a scientific team composed by Michelin-starred chefs and microbiologists to mix molecular cuisine means with microbial techniques, turning “Made in the kitchen” into a reality. The raw materials for the detergent fully originate from foods. Ken's Blue Kitchen employs the advanced nitrogen-based preservation technique in the food processing field for the manufacturing of detergents, so this detergent not only fully quits the use of preservatives but also achieves the maximum preservation of active ingredients, fully satisfying people’s needs for efficient, natural and safe detergents.

Environmentally-friendly packaging design

In order to reduce the use of plastic materials and the emissions of carbon, Ken's Blue Kitchen adopts environmentally-friendly aluminum packaging, which achieves a high recovery rate and reduces at least 80% energy consumption for each recycling. Ken's Blue Kitchen also encourages more manufacturers to join them and adopt more environmentally-friendly packaging. To this end, Ken's Blue Kitchen promises to provide technical assistance for free.

The first batch of dry-cleaning detergents launched by Ken's Blue Kitchen will go to market at the end of October, and the jointly-designed POLAR BEARS INTERNATIONAL (PBI) reflects the themed packaging of protecting polar bears.

About Ken's Blue Kitchen

Ken's Blue Kitchen is the first household detergent brand dedicated to anti-aging hand care, and is founded by Nation's Homemakers Association and Guangzhou Dome Cosmetic Co. LTD in China. Its products are co-developed by Michelin-starred chefs and Asia Pacific microbiologists.

Source: Ken's Blue Kitchen