The First National US Cannabis Dispensary Franchisor Joins Forces With the First Global Cannabis Franchise Brokerage

Join the Strongest Cannabis Franchise Network in History

Franchising is taking the cannabis industry by storm to help keep businesses locally owned and operated, with national franchise networks being built alongside the rapidly growing $25 billion market. The frontrunners, who are leading this charge, are the first-in from a franchising perspective and have the know-how to build franchise brands on a national scale in the U.S.; they are Unity Rd., the first cannabis franchisor, and Cannabis10x, a full-service franchise brokerage.

Founded by Jason Tropf and Holly Ford, experienced business owners and franchise executives, Cannabis10X is the world's first full-service cannabis franchise brokerage and is comprised of a world-class franchising team that has franchised household name brands such as 7/11, Five Guys, Panda Express, Sbarro's and thousands more. "The barrier to entry is high in cannabis. With our team of experienced franchise executives and our 50 in-house cannabis-trained brokers, we are breaking down that barrier brick by brick as we place investors and qualified operators into profitable franchise systems," emphasizes Ford. 

Unity Rd. is the first true national cannabis dispensary franchise model in the United States. Backed by Item 9 Labs Corp. —a vertically integrated cannabis franchisor and operator that produces premium, award-winning products—the dispensary franchise pioneer is poised to lead the franchising space as the No. 1 cannabis brand in the country. Unity Rd. is 10X's newest cannabis client to benefit from its franchise brokerage services, utilizing support in growing its franchise network with qualified prospective entrepreneurs nationwide.

"For franchisees, having the opportunity to join a network like this is like having the chance to hop in a time machine and go back to the beginning of franchising to be one of the first franchisees in the country," explains Tropf. "This is an unparalleled opportunity that happens once in 100 years with the birth of a brand-new industry; similar to getting into the industrial revolution at its infancy or tech industry when the internet was still rolling out."

Unity Rd. offers a guided route for cannabis entrepreneurs looking to enter and navigate the complex cannabis industry. Today, the fast-growing cannabis franchise has retail shops open in Boulder and Denver, Colo.; Hartford, South Dakota; and Oklahoma City, Okla., with additional locations projected to open this year in Colorado and Maine, among other markets. Unity Rd. has a network of 20-plus entrepreneurial groups who are expanding the franchise across 10-plus states. 

"We launched the Unity Rd. franchise opportunity in January 2018 and have made significant expansion progress, but to take our franchise development efforts up a notch, we need a partner who understands both franchising and cannabis, which you can imagine is hard to come by," said Unity Rd. VP of Franchise Development Justin Livingston. "I've had the pleasure of working with the Cannabis10x team on other franchise concepts, and their work is spectacular. They take their time to understand your concept and ideal candidate and have the networks to back them up."

Outside of the support the 10X team is providing Unity Rd., the company also offers clients wrap-around services that help cannabis franchisees integrate from state to state; this includes a legal team that sits on Capitol Hill that has written the cannabis bill in several states, a vetted safe banking partner, security, compliance partners, access to capital partners, strategic partners and much more. The expanded 10X team that a cannabis entrepreneur gains access to is unlike anything a small business owner could ever lay their hands on and is usually reserved for the $100 million hedge funds.

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About Unity Rd. 
Unity Rd. is bridging the two previously disconnected worlds of cannabis and franchising. The industry trailblazer is the first to bring the cannabis dispensary franchise model to the United States—with duality of prowess in both industries to back it up. Built up from a collective 200 years in the legal cannabis industry and franchising, the company helps eager operators enter the complex industry with ease. The marijuana franchise pioneer offers its partners the knowledge, resources and ongoing support needed to compliantly and successfully operate a dispensary. Launched in 2018, Unity Rd. has signed multiple agreements with 20 entrepreneurial groups across the country who are developing the brand across 10-plus states. In 2021, Unity Rd. became the first member of its kind to join the International Franchise Association (IFA), solidifying its position as the first true cannabis dispensary franchise in the U.S. The franchise was also named one of the "Best Cannabis Companies to Work For" in the dispensary category for Cannabis Business Times' 2022 and 2020 lists. For more information, visit

About Cannabis10x
Cannabis10X is the first Cannabis Business Brokerage in the World. Founded by Jason Tropf and Holly A Ford, the team created an industry within an industry; Cannabis Franchising. Cannabis10X has a wealth of experience with a legal team headed by a multiple award-winning franchise attorney who created the legal franchise for Five Guys, Sbarros and hundreds of the world's most successful franchises; operational experts that built 7-11, Panda Express and Haagan Dazs to name a few; and an in-house, cannabis-trained experienced team of franchise brokers with thousands of collective franchise sales. Cannabis10X, has worked with celebrities such as Cheech Marin and the quintessential Bruce Linton to assist clients in Capital Raises, a team of expert M&A brokers, and an influential legal team to facilitate license sales and acquisitions.

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