Cannabis10X Franchising Closes Three More Deals for From The Earth Dispensary Franchise

The Elite Cannabis10X Franchise Team Powers Up From The Earth Franchise to Ink Yet Another Deal, Adding 3 More Locations to the Vertically-Integrated Multi-State Franchise Dispensary.

Team: From The Earth + Cannabis10X

The fastest-growing cannabis franchise, From The Earth, has added yet another three locations. A private acquisition group has entered into an open-ended agreement to put the "high"-end brand, From The Earth, into travel plazas around the country.

Cannabis10X Brand Ambassador, Evelyn Romero, with the support of the Cannabis10X franchise team, finalized the lucrative deal with From The Earth CEO Dan Zaharoni and the private acquisition group just in time for 420 celebrations. Romero specializes in assisting capital groups and investors in divesting their portfolios into Cannabis. "This is only the beginning with the pipeline of clients in-queue to continue the growth for our Cannabis10X partners," impresses Romero.

CEO of the celebrated brand, Zaharoni shares, "From The Earth is changing the face of the industry. This team we put together, along with Cannabis10X and their lead ambassador, Romero, is quickly turning From The Earth into an elite 'Sbarro's of Cannabis.'"

Cannabis10X works with Cannabis brands along the entire supply chain that choose to expand their footprint via the means of franchising. The company, founded by Jason Tropf and Holly A Ford, is a full brokerage that, along with franchising, has an inventory of businesses available for sale or investment. 

Ford emphasizes, "Clearly, the play right now is to increase market share and build brand recognition. Franchising will do both — as long as it's done with the right team." The Cannabis10X team includes four-decade franchise veteran Harold Kestenbaum, who has again won the renowned award of the franchise attorney of the year, along with a "who's who" team of experts. 

From The Earth has fully leveraged the expertise of the Cannabis10X franchise team and is positioned to be in 15 more travel plazas by 2023. From The Earth is a vertically integrated, award-winning franchise dispensary with the number one voted customer experience, passive ownership options, and multiple streams of revenue.

Tropf elaborates, "We have the best of the best in franchising, layered with all the wrap-around services in cannabis that we give to our clients. This is pivotal as we have effectively married the complexities of franchising with the complexities of cannabis. No one else can do this and we take our responsibility very seriously."

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Source: Cannabis10X