New Cannabis Franchisee Signs With 'From the Earth' Dispensary Through Cannabis10x Franchise Brokerage

Cannabis Franchise, From The Earth, a Vertically Integrated, Multi-State Operator in Cooperation with Cannabis10x Franchise Brokerage, Added a New Franchisee to the System in Record Time.

From The Earth Cannabis Franchise

From The Earth, a vertically integrated, multi-state operator in CA, MI and MO, is a premier cannabis franchise working exclusively with Cannabis10x Franchise Brokerage to establish the world's strongest cannabis franchise network.  

"The two most important requirements for major success," said Founder of McDonald's, Ray Krok, "are: first, being in the right place at the right time, and second, doing something about it."  

That's just what this new franchisee did. Warm and welcoming messages congratulating the new franchisee poured in to the Cannabis10x franchising team after they closed the deal in record time, just 45 days after officially launching the partnership with From The Earth dispensaries.

One could argue that the right time to establish a strong footprint in the cannabis industry is just before the wave crests and the crashing onslaught of business buyers crowds the market. Once federal legalization happens, institutional capital will open up; the first thing they'll likely do is buy market share. Franchisees could see offers at astronomical valuations.

As they say in surfing, the difference between riding a wave and drowning in it is not how hard you paddle but in the precision of execution. New franchisees are entering the market partnered with an experienced multi-state operator who controls their supply chain to execute with precision and avoid crucial missteps made by newcomers as they enter a new market. 

Additionally, through the partnership with Cannabis10x Franchising, new franchisees will get priority placements in new growth markets. The first-in will be the few among the many that will benefit from the first right of refusal in select franchise territories. 

From The Earth franchisees are positioned to be dominant players in the field for a few simple reasons. With the support of an MSO that has created a profitable model in several states, each franchisee takes advantage of leveraging a team that is successfully navigating the legal terrain and provides new growth opportunities for each franchisee to expand into new territories.

From franchisee training and licensing to employee training, site selection, vendor relationships, pricing and marketing strategies, each franchisee will have a polished grand opening with shelves that are stocked with best-selling products at the highest margins for franchisee profit and branding that is second to none.

As the franchise network grows, each franchisee contributes a fresh new outlook to the network while taking advantage of corporate support, making the value of each unit more valuable as the network grows. 

Find opportunities in quickly growing markets and watch the founders of Cannabis10x, Jason Tropf & Holly Ford, interview From The Earth CEO Dan Zaharoni. 

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