The Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar Visited the International Exhibition

On November 30, 2014 The Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar in person visited International Dog Show "Cynologist's Cup - 2014" which took place in the exhibition center "KyivExpoPlaza", Kiev (Ukraine).

More than 80 breeds with a total number of 1200 dogs became participants of the event during which show of clothes, competitions of breeding couples, producers and nurseries took place.

Experts from 5 countries of the world Bulgaria, Georgia, Italy, Moldova and Ukraine estimated dogs according to standards of countries of origin with the invitation of group winners (Best in Group) to Best in Show for selecting the best dog of an all breeds exhibition.

The Emperor arrived to the show accompanied by famous Ukrainian designers, participants of Ukrainian Fashion Week Svetlana and Oksana Malininy, a well-known Ukrainian handler and poly pedigree groomer with European accreditation - Master Groomer at Scissoring Elena Mikhal'chyuk-Budzinskaya, as well as a journalist and presenter Yuliya Strizhkina.

"We could not refuse His Imperial Majesty in this important mission as a visit to one of the main events of the year final  in the world of cynology," - says Yuliya Strizhkina with a smile, owner of spitz Simba (14 months) who appeared before a large audience in the image of Julius Caesar during the show of dog clothes.

"At the very fact, the exhibition is not just a show where people come "for others to see and be seen". This is a rather hard work and a serious teamwork. During 4 months groomer and handler Elena Mikhal'chyuk-Budzinskaya worked with us (for this show exactly). After all, dog`s appearance, the way it is prepared and presented in the ring influences expert`s assessment too. So this part I could entrust only Elena because there are only 4 experts of international level same as she is in Ukraine; as well as her student Darya Kuharets who has already proven herself very well in the world of cynology and was our handler in the show of costumes",  - continues Strizhkina. - "We began to discuss and prepare an image of Caesar 3 months prior to competition. Despite a big name in the world of fashion this was the first experience with a dog`s suit for designers Svetlana and Oksana Malininy and they coped brilliantly that confirms the received cup which filled up Simba`s collection of awards. Yesterday he also became The Champion of Ukraine among juniors and took the 4-th place in Best In Show".

"As well as many participants, I also wanted to imprint the memorable moments and invited my favourite video operator Andrey Yatsulyak and a talented photographer Alexander Khomenko, but it wasn`t easy for them too because of a large number of public and strict prohibition of Elena: not to approach the ring during Simba`s exit. Like everybody in our team, they are professionals – and found a way out. And as they say, taking an opportunity, I would like to express gratitude to Gennady Pavlovich on whom there was all organizational part and without whose help and support I could not have done", - concluded the presenter.

As we see in life of dogs one has to wage a serious struggle for victory and title of the best. 5 young participants well coped with this task. According to the international judge-expert from Bulgaria Dmitriy Dandarinov the best of the best became: the 5-th place: Irish Setter the 4-th place: Spitz the 3-rd place: German Shepherd the 2-nd place: Samoyed the 1-st place and the title of the best dog of «The Cynologist's Cup — 2014» won the Staffordshire Terrier.

Each of them received exclusive handmade cup of Alena Fedotova.

From all soul we congratulate the winners and all participants for their achievements and wish them new victories in exhibitions which not only promote enrichment and development of owners and their favorites but also unite people from different countries shrouding in the atmosphere of kindness and mutual understandings which are so much necessary in our times.

Photo: Alexander Khomenko

Video: Andrey Yatsulyak

Best regards,

Evgeniy Kruglov

Kiev, Ukraine

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