For What the Bell of Ukrainian Kabbalists` Tolls?

Essence and roots of egoism, a desire to understand oneself and to explain other humans` acts - these and much more is written in the new book of a graduate of Kabbalah Education & Research Institute.

Essence and roots of egoism, eternal fight against it, a desire to understand oneself and to explain other humans` acts; searching of answers to questions: what is love and happiness, whether they really exist and are uniform or everyone has their own - these and much more that makes our life is written in the new book of Ukrainian TV - presenter, singer and a graduate of "Kabbalah Education & Research Institute" Yuliya Strizhkina.

The book of prose and poetry "Blondes also think" published by Canadian publishing company "MSBooks Publishing" this year in April will interest in philosophical views and delicate irony.

The book was published with the assistance of the Canadian and Russian writer, the editor-in-chief of the "Crossroads Winnipeg" newspaper Mikhail Spivak: "We got acquainted with Yuliya Strizhkina a few years ago at a kabbalistic forum. She shared impressions about studying at "Kabbalah Education & Research Institute" very actively, wrote the developed comments and defended her opinion with passion. Communication was curious that is why I suggested Yuliya to write the book, share reflections with readers and open them her inner world".

Yuliya Strizhkina told the following about the work: "As it appeared, concepts which seems to be banal at first sight: love the neighbor as yourself; about unselfishness of a true benefaction or that the world can be comprehended only by understanding - about which I was skeptical earlier or didn't pass through myself - on vital checking appeared to be instruments of global changes".

The author expressed her thoughts by a feather; now her hand creates with an art brush too transferring thoughts, vital perception and the inner world in a visual art.