Photo Exhibition of Dogs of a Rare Breed «Dogs` LA BEAUTY» Took Place in Ukraine

On 5-7 of April a photo exhibition of dogs of an extremely rare breed took place at the International Exhibition Center in Kiev, Ukraine.

On 5-7 of April at the International Exhibition Center in Kiev (Ukraine) within the 12-th International Specialized Forum of Goods and Services For Pets "ZooVetExpo 2016" & Kyiv Pets Fashion show a photo exhibition of dogs of a very rare breed «Japanese Spitz» took place.

White clouds with charcoal eyes, energetic character and temperament – this is the way the breed is characterized, bred at the beginning of the XX century from a large white German Spitz & brought to Japan.

Creators of «Dogs` LA BEAUTY» hope for support in promotion of this delightful and a very rare breed and good attitude to all our small brothers.

Yuliya Strizhkina, The Author of "Dogs` LA BEAUTY"

According to the creators, the author of the idea and postproduction Yuliya Strizhkina and a photographer and co-author Dasha Nadolgo, the main aim of the photo exhibition «Dogs` LA BEAUTY» (Dogs` Life In All Beauty) is to introduce and tell about the breed to the greatest possible number of people as well as to invoke to a good attitude to all our younger brothers, underlining their dignity.

12 photos were presented under the two views, male and female, with a touch of humor.

The main model is Super Grand Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Ukrainian Kennel Union Japanese Spitz SIMBA TSAR ZVEREI. Partner in the shooting became a French Bulldog KOLEN GOLUBAYA KROV, ow. A and T. Pavlovich.

Also in the first day of the exhibition the first scheduled meeting of the Japanese Spitz breed representatives in Ukraine was held. Three white and fluffy happiness pleased with their presence the visitors (at photo from left to right):

SIMBA TSAR ZVEREI, owner: Yuliya Strizhkina

SAKURA SHOW OTOMI BI, owner: Tatyana Vitkovskaya

UMBERTO WHITE SAMURAI, owner Galina Shevchyuk

To see so many dogs of this breed in the same place - a rarity not only for Kiev but the whole Ukraine as well as many other countries even at dog shows.

Creators of «Dogs` LA BEAUTY» hope for support of kennel clubs, animal protection organizations, organizers of dog shows, manufacturers of products for animals and other specialized organizations in promotion of this delightful and a very rare breed and that residents of the whole world will be able to see it and appreciate.

The authors are also deeply grateful to the rock 'n' roll cafe "Shalena Mama" and a furniture factory "MIRT" (both Kiev, Ukraine) for their assistance in conducting shootings.

Everybody who wish to see photo works can do it at a personal website of the breed representative, the 1-st in the history of Ukrainian cynology Grand and Super Grand Champion among Japanese Spitz  SIMBA TSAR ZVEREI.

We hope that the exhibition will give you a pleasure, bring a kind smile and remind of the care, attention and love which our smaller brothers expect from us so much.