The Cure for Your Broken Heart

How To Find Success and Love Again After A Broken Heart

Dr. Elena Eustache

​​​Known for dishing out juicy love tips daily to over 65,000 followers via Instagram, and growing, Dr. Elena Eustache shares her expert advice, based on her own experience with heartbreak, on how to heal a broken heart, in her first independently self-published book, The Cure For Your Broken Heart. Having grown up in a communist country, suffering from the loss of her beloved grandmother, and having been betrayed by business and romantic partners, Dr. Eustache found the courage to move past the terrible memories and heartache and healed her broken heart thanks to ten crucial steps. 

In this enlightening powerful book, released on Feb. 14, 2019, Dr. Elena Eustache, who has counseled and helped hundreds of people for over a decade, details the necessary ten steps one needs to follow to grow through their heartache and find happiness again. She stresses the heart cannot heal without the right tools, and without them, it can take anywhere from 5 to 10 years for the average person (male or female) to recover from their broken heart without guidance.

The Cure For Your Broken Heart also describes the diverse and devastating situations that lead to a broken heart, like the loss of a loved one, a friendship coming to an end, getting fired from a dream job or being left to pick up the pieces after a “perfect” marriage unexpectedly ends in divorce.

“Living with emotional pain should never be tolerated,” says Dr. Elena Eustache. “If you have a broken heart for any reason at all, the tools found within the book will help you put the pieces of your life back together. These are the same tools I used to move forward and find happiness and success, so I'm proof the tools work. When you decide to heal yourself, you'll be able to strengthen and renew the bonds between parents, siblings, coworkers and best friends—not to mention spouses and lovers, and most importantly yourself.”

In addition to her book, The Cure For Your Broken Heart, which can be purchased on Amazon in two formats, Kindle ($9.99) and paperback ($25.99), Dr. Elena Eustache is also the creator of a unique new dating app called LoveTheApp launching this summer. This one of a kind app is not a casual dating application or dating site. Users will be able to search for, identify and connect with others who also aspire to be in a committed ‘forever’ relationship, like marriage or a lifelong partner, who also shares their needs and goals. 

Dr. Elena Eustache, founder of the Eustache Institute and also known as the Encyclopedia of Love, has a Ph.D. in Psychology and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. In addition to being a relationship expert to the stars, as well as a respected marriage counselor, Dr. Eustache is the Executive Producer and host of The Dr. Elena  Eustache Show on Instagram, where she interviews many of today’s hottest celebrities.  


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