The Brooks Group Launches Strategic Account Management Training Program

The Brooks Group, a global sales training and selling solutions firm, announced the release of the Strategic Account Management Training Program. The customizable, two-day workshop trains salespeople and account managers to master the art of organizing, managing, and growing their most profitable business accounts.

Too often, sales professionals don’t have a systematic and disciplined approach to winning, managing, and maintaining the key and strategic accounts that are so essential to their organization’s profitability.

This program teaches participants well-defined, effective account management procedures, processes, and systems that ensure long-term retention and growth of their most profitable accounts.

"It's well researched that selling to existing customers is more efficient and profitable than finding new customers. This program was developed in response to market research and feedback from our clients, who needed to meet cross-selling and account growth targets with a reliable system. The Strategic Account Management Program allows participants to strengthen their relationships with their most profitable accounts—recognizing new business opportunities to drive additional revenue and referrals."

Michelle Richardson

VP of Learning Services

Strategic Account Management Training Program Benefits:

·Consistent, reliable account management practices

·Improved efficiency and time management within each account

·Early recognition of new business opportunities within accounts

·Increased margins and ROI and shortened sales cycle

·Improved positioning, questioning, and negotiation skills

·Increased client retention and depth within accounts

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