SalesYear Meeting Series Relaunched to Help Sales Organizations Upskill for Today's Realities

Program is considered a "secret weapon" for the best sales leaders looking to inject enthusiasm into their weekly, bimonthly, or monthly meeting cadences

As sales organizations endeavor to find consistency in today’s pandemic-roiled marketplace, The Brooks Group – one of America’s most trusted allies for sales training and consulting – has reintroduced a program that makes sales collaboration easier than ever.

SalesYear – originally launched two decades ago by The Brooks Group founder, Bill Brooks – has been updated and refreshed for the realities of today’s COVID-19-impacted sales landscape.

Simply, SalesYear is a suite of structured, consistent sales meetings, designed to put the power of The Brooks Group’s award-winning sales training insights into the hands of sales leaders and managers.

Available in economical, 12-, 24-, and 50-session packages, SalesYear delivers an entire year of meeting insights designed to motivate, upskill, and support sales teams. Each SalesYear meeting includes:

  • Individual meeting recordings, delivered in a compelling podcast format of no more than 10-15 minutes, offer unique, targeted, real-world exercises designed to boost sales performance.
  • A Manager’s Guide with coaching points and a checklist to lead the meeting, as well as questions to gauge understanding.
  • A Sales Success Worksheet to help teams reflect on and retain what they’ve learned.
  • A podcast transcript which serves as a handy reference to reinforce key learnings.

“SalesYear is our 'secret weapon' for the best sales leaders – a way to add value and enthusiasm to their regular meetings,” said Anita Greenland, Chief Experience Officer, The Brooks Group. “It’s specifically designed for sales managers, executives and CEOs who are looking to elevate sales skills through regular meeting cadences.”

Among the topics covered in the SalesYear:

  • ​Fundamentals of Selling
  • Positioning
  • Prospecting
  • Pre-call Planning
  • Setting & Making Appointments
  • Making an Effective Presentation
  • Asking the Right Questions & Listening
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Presenting Price
  • Motivation & Sales Confidence
  • Value-Added Selling
  • Finalizing Sales

For more information on the new program, sales leaders may visit

About The Brooks Group
Founded in 1977, The Brooks Group is a corporate sales training and sales management training company focused on helping companies build top-performing sales teams. Its training systems provide street smart, actionable strategies that help salespeople sell more effectively and sales managers coach and lead more successfully. Our no-nonsense, customizable approach skips the fluff and focuses on what will actually get results for your team. Go to for more information.

​Tracy Baumann
Director of Inbound Marketing
​The Brooks Group

Source: The Brooks Group


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