The Brooks Group Announces the Sales Team Analysis Report

The Brooks Group, a global sales training and selling solutions firm, announced the release of the Sales Team Analysis Report.

The Sales Team Analysis Report is an actionable, assessment-based report that allows clients to understand and optimize sales team dynamics.

This powerful tool highlights key competency trends inside a sales team. The information is delivered in an easy-to-comprehend report revealing the strength and challenge areas of each team member based on their unique selling environment. 

Users will gain insight, such as: 

  • Which team members fit the ideal behavior style required by sales positions
  • Why “hunters” won’t “hunt” and “farmers” won’t “farm”
  • The right structure for a sales team to succeed
  • Why coaching isn’t resonating with certain team members
  • How to align the right team members with the right territories
  • What type of training teams need to work together more successfully
  • How to enhance communication skills to streamline business efforts

"This report gives sales leaders a high-level view of their team, allowing them to work with a consultant to pinpoint the source of any issues and identify solutions that will move them forward. We’re excited to offer this insight-packed report as a part of our hiring and talent development product line.”  - Drea Douglass, Director of Talent Management Consulting, The Brooks Group 

The Sales Team Analysis Report will help leaders maximize the ROI on their sales teams, pinpointing what is holding them back, and how to improve sales effectiveness. For more information about the report and to request more information, click here.

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​Founded in 1977, The Brooks Group focuses on providing clients with practical, straightforward solutions to improve and maintain overall sales effectiveness.

Comprehensive sales assessments allow training to be highly individualized, and an industry-leading coaching and reinforcement methodology solidifies training and improves client ROI.

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