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How Much is a Home Worth? Hammer Realty Offers 3 Ways to Find Out

The first step in any home sale is figuring out how much a property is worth. And in the constantly fluctuating world of real estate, sellers often find this process to be easier said than done. Guessing is never the right way to go through, nor is basing a sale price off of what the property was previously purchased for. Instead, follow these steps to get an accurate reading prior to putting a home on the market (or even just to get a read on a home’s current worth, regardless of intent to sell).

1. Read the market. Homes for sale St. George Utah, have experienced frequent, rather consistent increases in price as the area becomes better known for its luxury and family-friendly charm. Home prices went up 6.3% last year, and are expected to go up another 3.3% next year. Always consider the trends in the market a house will be entering and factor those rates into a home’s original sale price.

2. Use a home value tool. Online home value calculators can help make quick determinations about a home’s proper sale price. These tools use an algorithm that takes into consideration comparable homes in the area, recent sale prices, neighborhood facts and figures, and home-specific information (i.e. number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, etc.) to quickly provide an estimate.

3. Get a professional appraisal. Ultimately, homeowners should always turn to experts in addition to individual research. No one knows an area’s market better than the agents who work in it every day. Most agents will be happy to provide professional advice at no charge and with no strings attached.

Homes for Sale – St. George, Utah. Hammer Team Realty homes is an expert in helping buyers find their dream homes in Washington Utah Real Estate and located home for sales in St George Utah. The process of buying or selling a home for sale in Washington Utah should be quick, easy, and stress-free, and it takes knowledgeable and reliable service to help make that happen. Hammer Realty is a family owned business and a leader in Utah homes for sale, offering the most up-to-date access to all MLS listings in the Utah area and consistently superior service.

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