The Best Online Backup Services and Wireless Network Security

BELNIS offers a Top IT support services that is the best online backup service currently available.

Sooner or later it happens - one lose vital data and realize that one did not have a backup for it. We've studied companies that have a regular backup policy in place and found that in almost all cases, they require their staff to backup data each Friday. We ask one, what happens if one's computer crashes on Thursday or one's laptop was lost or stolen Thursday night or was damaged on Friday afternoon?

Case to consider

Just last week we attended a case wherein all computers in an office had completely frozen over and when the staff attempted to restart the computers, almost none worked! We had to take away the hard-disks and carefully recover the data from each of them. Needless to say, the entire process was very time consuming and expensive.

A very cost-effective solution

BELNIS offers a Top IT support services that is the best online backup service currently available. We provide the customized software that can be configured to automatically backup all one's data to two state-of-the-art facilities located hundreds of miles apart.

One's data is encrypted and securely transmitted using a unique 256 bit encryption key that only one can access. The stored files too are similarly encrypted. Should the unfortunate happen and one need to access one's files, one can do so 24 x 7 with a few clicks of one's mouse.

Junk one's external drives and save money too

Fact is, even today most businesses move data from their laptop or desktop computers onto their external hard drives. They do this assuming that the external hard drive will never fail. In reality, external drives too have a lifespan which is measured in x number of reads and writes. Sooner or later, external drives too fail and when they do, they usually take all one's archived data with them to the landfill site.

With our online IT Support Richmond VA, one won't have to spend money buying external hard drives, much less spend money on recovering data from a dead hard drive.

The Belnis State-Of-the-Art Wireless Network Security

Today, the sad truth is that hacking has become big business. Rival businesses would love to know what one's new product is going to be, the intended launch date and most importantly, the intended pricing strategy. Imagine if this information got into the hands of one's rivals.

While security guards might protect people from physically stealing business files and papers, what about data that is transmitted wirelessly via routers and Bluetooth devices?

While most routers have some basic encryption security, the sad truth is that the cookie cutter factory configured security is woefully inadequate to face the rigours of modern day hacking technology. Besides, one will be amazed at just how much data is transmitted directly from computer to iPads, Tabs and Smart phones via totally unsecure, unencrypted Bluetooth devices.

Seal these loopholes today via the Belnis totally secure, Wireless Network Security. Our Cloud Computing Service include Threat Tracking, Vulnerability Assessment, Protection from Viruses and Trojans and Secure User Access.

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