Backup Services for Desktop Computers and Servers

The maintenance contractor was called who promptly came and fixed the hardware and left.

Statistics accumulated by us over the years proves beyond doubt that 95% of desktop computer and corporate servers do not have any kind of regular backup. Of these, an amazing 56% of users simply could not recollect the last time they did a backup.

Corporate servers fared no better. Servers were setup, software installed and then forgotten until for some reason or the other, it crashed. The maintenance contractor was called who promptly came and fixed the hardware and left. No backup!

We live in times of freakish weather, be it inundation by rain or snow or buildings and houses being whacked by uprooted trees and electric poles during a tornado. All these 'nature attacks' can cause havoc with your records. A single strategic desktop computer destroyed in one such attack could set your company back by days if not weeks and in some cases, the lost data could spell disaster.

Even without the freakish weather, the unfortunate truth is that computers do not ring an alarm bell before they crash. There is no warning. It will not display a "Save now, computer is about to crash" message.

Continuing with the same statistics, of the 5% computers that do have a regular backup as well as a data backup policy, the backups were left to the individual staff who used the computers. In some businesses, the data was backed up onto cheap pen drives and in other businesses the data was backed up onto Writeable CD's.

In all the cases where back up was carried out the CD's or pen drives were stored in the drawers of the staff that did the backup i.e. the desktop computer and the backed up files were stored within a foot of each other. In the event of a disaster, the chances are, the computer and the backed up data would both be destroyed.

BELNIS on the other hand has a 100% secure data backup methodology and data security. We have customized backup plans. The frequency of backup is dependent on the quantum of data accumulated in a day, week or month. Our backup services for desktop computers and servers have backup frequencies ranging from daily to once-a-month.

Obviously servers in shopping malls, banks, metros, etc. require a daily offsite backup solutions and it needs to be done professionally. The backed up data needs to be warehoused at a location that is separate and secure from theft, weather and physical damage.

Furthermore, the archives are catalogued so we can find the required file with ease. Our clients are secure in the knowledge that should disaster strike, the worst that will happen as far as their data is concerned is, they would lose data that was accumulated in between backup cycles and nothing more.

Call BELNIS today - we guarantee regular, secure and catalogued offsite backup services for desktop computers and servers.

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