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Linking computers in a network brings in its own share of security risks i.e. hacking, an unprotected Computer Network Setup could be hacked into by ones business rivals and ones data stolen or destroyed or manipulated.

Are one thinking of setting up a medium sized business or branching out or expanding ones business? If yes, the chances are, one would require advanced computer networks and network security.

As ones business expands, one cannot keep adding stand-alone desktop computers. Each computer requires licensed software and cost of that alone would be phenomenal. The way forward is to share resources i.e. software resources. It is cheaper to buy a site license and install the software on a server which would then be accessed by all the computers on the network.

A network does more than just save one money on software - it brings in efficiency because all data is available centrally via the server. Ones staff does not have to copy data on pen drives and physically hand them across. Any authorized staff member can access the same data irrespective of physical location. They may be sitting across the room or in an office on the other side of the globe.

The loss to ones business and ones business reputation could be immense.

Every prospective network needs to be carefully evaluated and planned. Everything from number of computers on the Managed Network Services, type of servers, data transmission speeds, backup frequencies, authorization policies and security needs to be well planned and documented. Such document should only reside with the senior-most technologies official of the company.

These days a network could be more than just a group of Computer Network Support humming together. It could be a symphony of computers, Ipads, Smartphones and telecommunications equipment. As one might expect, bridging different technologies to make them work seamlessly not to mention securely, is a huge challenge.

At BELNIS, one have computer hardware, software, security and allied technology gurus who are well versed at conducting complex technology symphonies that not only hum in tune but do so in an ultra-secure environment.

At BELNIS one believe that Network Support security should not lead to a choke point. A network should be an enabling not a disabling factor. Some leading network consulting and network security companies implement such rigid security features totally devoid of intelligence that rather than accessing the data via the network staff often resort to requesting for data via email thereby often bypassing the entire security protocol.

At BELNIS, our networks contain a high level of artificial intelligence. Its ensure that the network is ultra-secure without being cumbersome to use.

So if one are setting up a new business or expanding or setting up a new Computer Network Services, call us today - there is no better network consulting and network security company than BELNIS.

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