The Austin Focus Turns Attention to Plans for 2016

January is right around the corner. However, for the team at The Austin Focus, there are no worries or frantic planning. In fact, the interactive marketing firm's managers have been developing next year's strategy for months.

“We’ve been thinking about 2016 since January 1, 2015,” cited Kati, The Austin Focus’ director of operations. “We have continually been reviewing and analyzing reports that have helped us understand our goals for the upcoming year.”

According to Kati, The Austin Focus managers started to forecast next year’s goals in earnest beginning in October. “We looked at our performance for the past 12 months,” she explained. “We highlighted trends. We reviewed our current strategy to see what was effective and what was ineffective in terms of positive outcomes for the brands we represent. Finally, we aligned this information with upcoming trends that could have an impact on our future success.”

With that information, Kati explained that during the final months of the year, the managers are able to forecast what the firm will need to deliver adequate service and attain results. “We look at all aspects of our business plan,” she shared. “For example, do we have enough human resources to properly serve brands? Do we have the right technology in place to optimize our results? These details can have an astounding impact on our ability to accomplish goals.”

"We're looking to hire professionals who are driven by results,"


Director of Operations

Perhaps most importantly, Kati stated that the team continually monitors and tracks progress throughout the year. “Things can change,” she said. “It’s vital to stay on top of it and make adjustments where needed. There is no excuse for being surprised at your year-end results come December.”

The Austin Focus Managers Announce Hiring in First Quarter

One of the resources that The Austin Focus managers deemed needed for 2016 is additional sales and marketing talent, Kati stated. “We’re looking to hire professionals who are driven by results,” she said. “We’re especially interested in individuals who have positive, can-do spirits and thirst for knowledge and professional growth.”

Kati cited that the firm offers significant training as well as advancement opportunities for associates who demonstrate dedication to the firm and its goals. “We believe the people who show loyalty to helping us grow deserve to grow with us.”

“This is a great opportunity for anyone who is career minded,” Kati concluded. “If this sounds like you, we’d love to speak to you about the positions available. Start your 2016 on the path to professional success with us!”

About The Austin Focus

The Austin Focus is a results-oriented provider of dynamic promotional campaigns designed for the modern marketplace. Their team of branding specialists is equipped with all the skills and knowledge necessary to reach targeted customers and build lasting brand loyalty. Through customized advertising campaigns backed by in-depth market research, The Austin Focus forges mutually-beneficial relationships between companies and the public. These relationships result in boosted profitability and enhanced market presence for the firm’s diverse clients. The Austin Focus looks forward to a bright future as a dynamic and innovative leader in the marketing and consulting services industry.

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