The Austin Focus Heads to Newport for Leaders Meeting

The Austin Focus' Director of Operations detailed an upcoming leadership event and the benefits it will offer those who attend. She also highlighted a few benefits of professional networking.

​Various travel opportunities are available for The Austin Focus brand experts. This month’s Leaders Meeting in Newport, California is the latest chance for the firm’s team members to expand their knowledge and add valuable contacts to their networks. Kati, the company’s Director of Operations, explained, “Our top two leaders will be attending this prestigious gathering, which will feature seminars about leadership and emerging business practices to complement its remarkable networking potential.”

Team recognition is a cornerstone of The Austin Focus’ inspiring work atmosphere. Kati added, “We always enjoy putting our top performers in the spotlight. There are many ways to highlight our outstanding promotional specialists, but travel incentives are the most coveted in our office. Our team members know that when they venture out to big industry events, they’ll be able to gain fresh insights and add influential leaders to their contact lists.”

Traveling with teammates also bolsters morale in significant ways. “Our brand experts learn about each other on a personal level when they visit new places together,” Kati remarked. “As they make the most of their time around other high achievers, our team members come to appreciate each other’s unique talents. They come back to The Austin Focus HQ freshly inspired to collaborate on behalf of the brands we represent.”

"Our top two leaders will be attending this prestigious gathering, which will feature seminars about leadership and emerging business practices to complement its remarkable networking potential."


Director of Operations

The Austin Focus’ Director of Operations Discussed the Benefits of Networking

The benefits of expanding a professional network are many. Perhaps most importantly, forging new connections gives people access to insights they wouldn’t find any other way. Kati commented, “When they come back to work having met with accomplished people, our team members are better equipped to reach their ambitious goals. With input from like-minded people who have achieved great things, our brand experts can streamline their own efforts.”

According to Kati, networking at major industry functions is also a great way for people to develop more confidence. She stated, “It’s important for any professional to push beyond his or her comfort zone whenever possible. By talking to people they don’t know in places they may never have visited before, our brand experts become more self-assured than ever before. The fact that our people are sharpening The Austin Focus’ profile in the process is just icing on the cake.”

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