The Austin Focus Helps Women "Dress for Success"

The Austin Focus' Director of Operations highlighted a recent team giveback event that supported underprivileged female professionals. She also outlined a few strategies for maximizing the benefits of social impact efforts.

“We’re always on the lookout for interesting ways to give back to our community,” stated Kati, the Director of Operations for The Austin Focus. “Our team recently had the opportunity to support an innovative philanthropic event called ‘Dress for Success,’ which helps put underprivileged women in better position to find great jobs. It was an amazing chance to improve people’s lives while forging stronger team bonds in the process.”

During the event, The Austin Focus brand experts helped women write résumés and taught them all about the interviewing process. Kati added, “We also shared what we know about being professional in a business environment and helped women create LinkedIn profiles so that potential employers can find them. Our team members even had the chance to donate clothes so that underprivileged women can confidently attend interviews and make lasting positive impressions.”

The “Dress for Success” event was a life-changing experience for the women. Kati added, “We were very honored to be part of this unique giveback opportunity. We’re already looking forward to our next chance to contribute to similar efforts that support underprivileged women in our area and beyond.”

"We're always on the lookout for interesting ways to give back to our community."


Director of Operations

The Austin Focus’ Director of Operations on Maximizing Impact of Giveback Efforts

Kati believes in making every philanthropic endeavor as exciting as it can be. “We want our people to be fully engaged in giving back,” she stated. “That’s why we’re so creative in the social impact events we organize. We gravitate toward options that help us improve people’s lives in our community, because we want to make Austin better however we can. Our larger emphasis on goal setting means we’re always setting ambitious social impact benchmarks.”

Promoting giveback events is also a good way to maximize team member buy-in. Kati added, “We want to sharpen The Austin Focus’ reputation as we work on behalf of good causes, so we announce our efforts through social media and our company website. Our people like the fact that they work for a company with a commitment to social awareness. We do our part to make sure consumers understand our dedication to making a difference as well. We’re always transparent about what causes we support and exactly how we’re contributing to them.”

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